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15 July: Wednesday

La Quinta, California: We have officially moved to SoCal! Dave and I were up before the chickens this morning and presented ourselves at our new abode to wait for the movers, who were bringing our life-long belongings from Portland to La Quinta sometime between 8-10a. They arrived at 8:30a. (We moved from our Portland home on September 20th.)

A great crew, and our new house has a convenient floor-plan that expands from a center outdoor courtyard into various rooms, so the crew didn't have to venture too much into our house. (COVID!) Everyone was masked and gloved. We had every door/window in the house open, the air conditioning blasting arctic temperatures and every ceiling fan on "typhoon" setting.) Thinking we had a lot of "stuff", the crew were finished carting our belonging from the moving van in just over two hours. By 11a, they were gone, leaving only one guy who was putting our Chinese wedding bed together. He was gone by noon. We were home/back to the RV by 12:30p.

Our circa 1986 (purchased in Taiwan) rosewood dining table
Master bedroom - with a Thai "Elephant Chair" daybed (circa 1989)
under the window. I think the ceilings in much of the house are 12 feet-ish?
Oops. Kitchen boxes. Downsized?

Waking so early, and being on our feet from 8-noon, we came back to the motorhome, had something to eat and fell asleep. Daytime naps are the best... even though we felt a bit woozy the rest of the afternoon. We will now leave our new house alone until Friday afternoon, to hopefully rid the property of any COVID-19 germs. Nice to have a day of rest.

Since our lunch today consisted of cheese and crackers (basically stuffed into our faces, as we were STARVING upon returning to the motorhome this afternoon), I served only vegan pickled and fresh things for our appetizers this evening. Dinner was frozen/left-over Suppli Telephono from a few weeks ago... and a salad.

Must. Make. Salad.

Rice balls heated in the oven, served over marinara - easy

Until my next update, I removed your moved correspondent.

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  1. With your uber-organized behavior, I doubt you’ll go through what we did at your present state…discover about 1/3 of it we didn’t want/wouldn’t work with the new place anymore!

    Take it easy and drink lots of water – it’s blazing HOT out there!

    1. The air con in the new house is excellent – thank goodness. Remember, we only brought enough stuff for a 2500 sq foot house. I am sure there will things we can no longer fit into our life. The biggest waste is our “third” kitchen (in addition to our house and RV kitchen) in the casita.

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