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16 July: Thursday

La Quinta, California: Nothing to report. Move along people. Nothing to see here. Since we are leaving our new house alone for 48 hours before beginning to unpack, we really didn't do a whole heck of a lot today. It was only 109 degrees though. 

In the afternoon, I did drive to the new house because a package had been delivered (I received a text message), so drove over and moved the package from the porch to the garage. I did not go into the house. Not worried about theft, I was worried about items sitting out in the sun/heat.

DT cleaned the entire outside living space in our campsite today. Since we have been hanging-out inside the icy-cold bus (instead of the super-hot covered pavilion), things have gone a bit to hell (hell=dust) out there. We only venture to our covered pavilion to cook something in the oven, or get ice from the ice maker, these days.

The propane dude came out today to fill our tank. This is the same company that drives through this RV park every week, filling any tank yellow-flagged on the street. Since we were the only RV flagged, we had to cough-up the $75 minimum. Dang. $75 for 6 gallons of propane? Robbery? Yes or no. Imagine having to pack everything up in this RV (that has been parked here since October 14th), and drive it somewhere (where?) to have the propane tank filled... in 109° heat. (Propane is $3.59 a gallon.)

So... now I can cook on the RV 2-burner propane stove top... but it is just too hot to cook inside the RV. Ridiculous situation. First time we have needed propane since 2017. Plan ahead, people.

Again, dinner was cooked outdoors. I roasted baby Yukon potatoes in olive oil, rosemary from our garden, salt and pepper. DT grilled two chicken Italian sausages. There was a green salad... and a truly "green" tonight, as the salad consisted of arugula, romaine, avocado slices and the last of the Persian cucumbers. A great combination, in a simple vinaigrette.

We will go to the new house tomorrow afternoon and begin unpacking boxes. We will still wear face masks - can't be too careful.

One thing about our new house: though the kitchen is nearly the same size as our last huge kitchen, the drawers are so much smaller/narrower (though there are twice as many). It will be interesting (probably only me) to see how I situate my kitchen things. None of our old (really wide) drawer organizers will fit in the narrow (10-13-inch wide) drawers in this house.

Amazon to the rescue!

Until my next update, I remain, your poised correspondent.

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  1. Just have to ask. As you have posted your dinners for the past 110 days, what about breakfast and lunch? Particularly since your favorite taco restaurant is not available. Do you eat breakfast and lunch? Or just snack your way through the day until cocktail/dinner time? I ask only because there are days when it seems I move from meal to meal to meal!

    1. Breakfast? Lunch? DT doesn’t usually eat anything before exercising. I usually have a little bit of plain Greek yoghurt with some fruit. Lunch is often eaten though: we split a sandwich, or eat left-overs from the night before. Not too much “cooking” involved around here until the evening.

  2. Is your outdoor grill propane or charcoal? I am wondering if you filled it today?

    1. We only have a teeny portable picnic-type grill that uses the little green disposable tanks. The 7-gallon tank we had filled was in our RV for the two burner cooktop (only).

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