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About the RV Goddess

We are Terry & DT - a middle-aged couple from Oregon. We have been married since the Carter Administration, and still seem to tolerate each other (most of the time) within the confines of our motorhome. We spend over eight months a year in our motorhome, and the rest of the year at our home near Portland, Oregon. We have one grown daughter. She lives with her husband and two children (and dog, Reese) in Los Angeles, so we now spend a lot of time in SoCal to be near our grandchildren.


Much of our young married life was spent overseas, where DT's job took us to The Philippines and Taiwan for several years. After returning to the United States, we realized we had seen much of the world, but not too much of America. The rest of the world is wonderful, but the beauty of America and the interesting people of our native country needed to be discovered! We knew the best way to see the US would be in a recreational vehicle - the same way I traveled as a kid with my parents.

Niagara Falls

Now we travel in a 2009 Country Coach Magna – our fifth RV since 1988. We started in a ruby-red VW pop-top, and finally graduated to a small travel trailer. When DT retired, we bought a 38’ foot motorhome and drove it all over the country for several years. After realizing this was the lifestyle we wanted to pursue and that we were going to spend as much time on the road as we would at home, bought a 40-foot bus and then… well… we started shopping for the “perfect” motor home. Of course, the “perfect RV” will never be found, but this RV is perfect for us. We love our Magna. She is equipped with a large kitchen – because I love to cook – and a big office! We added satellite internet to the roof so I can update this website from anywhere. We tow a (usually very dirty) Honda CRV.


We have visited 47 states – excluding (obviously) Hawaii, Alaska (soon!) and for some odd reason, Missouri – in our RV. (We are still not sure how we missed Missouri!) We often use our RV to attend track & field events – our big passion – but you can also find us on a hiking trail, on a golf course, in a museum, a farmers market or other sporting events. I am a food and travel writer, specializing in the western United States. My other interests include needlepointing, hiking, golf, and Jimmy Buffett. One of the most important aspects of RV travel we both enjoy is discovering regional food specialties, restaurants, produce and local food purveyors. I love to photograph the food we eat – so there is plenty of evidence as to my figure!

In Vermont

In 2009, I started blogging here at RVGoddess.com - a place where I could be a bit more personal with my readers. I love meeting RVGoddess.com readers, so if you see us on the road, please stop in to say hello.

Bryce Canyon, May 2013