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14 July: Tuesday

Indio, California: A surprisingly quiet day, and the temperatures dropped below 110°. At the new house, there were only a few chores. Dave put together a desk chair for the guest room. Since it was Tuesday (kitchen linens ironing day), I moved the ironing board over to the new house and did my task in air conditioned comfort. We were awaiting a carpet delivery, and it did, indeed, arrive.

So pretty! This is for the family room and it arrived just in time, as the sofa that will sit on top of this carpet will be delivered tomorrow. 

And a new sofa isn't the only thing being delivered tomorrow - we learned only this morning - our shipment from Portland will arrive in the morning. All of our worldly goods. Reunited again. (We are following COVID-19 guidelines for moving during a pandemic. Fun times.)

But enough about tomorrow, today was Bastille Day, so we celebrated with our usual menu - steak frites and a bottle of The Widow. Our appetizer was also tres French - the asparagus tart left-over dinner from Sunday. Quickly reheated in the outdoor oven, it was just perfect with the champagne.

Frites - using this method
121st Dinner Cooked at Home. In a row.
One after the other for 121 nights.

Until my next update, I remain, your Vive la France correspondent.

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  1. I don’t hold your record for cooking that many nights in a row–we live in Montana in summer and up until the last couple weeks our case count was low. We have dined in a restaurant four times and have gotten take out another four times–other than that, I’ve cooked. Our small county in Montana recorded its first case of Covid yesterday. 🙁 🙁

  2. Have you found one site to use to order furniture,rugs,shutters etc?
    The new rug is very pretty ,such nice colors

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