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22 June: Monday

Accra, Ghana: Oh. My. Goodness. It is so hot here! 109° today... though the local weather-woman seemed to think this was just an okay temperature, because on this date in 1959 it was 119 degrees. Even during the 60's, only ten percent of American homes had air conditioning, so I am going to bet this date in 1959 was not a fun one in the Coachella Valley? I think it seemed hotter than usual because it was a bit humid. I know it is humid when my hair resembles Gilda Radner's in her famed role as Roseanne Roseannadanna.

This morning I made a sauce with the tomatillos received in the CSA box. They were so pretty. I will use the sauce in enchiladas tomorrow.

It was a beautiful evening!

Thank goodness for outdoor ovens! I had a wheel of brie (from Lisa) to use, so served it with a mini-baguette I baked this morning. You know, in my spare time.

Apparently, insects know nothing of social-distancing. This lady (Leo told me this is a female Praying Mantis) showed up at cocktail time. She wasn't wearing a face mask, didn't want a thing to eat or drink, just hung-out under our feet. A bit frightening for us, as she could not have been two inches long - the smallest Praying Mantis we have ever seen - and we were terrified of stepping on her. You wonder what G-d was thinking when he came-up with this bug.

Dinner was just another appetizer. Suppli, that I made Saturday, heated and served on a splash of marinara sauce.

True to the "telefono" name - when opened, the teeny gooey ball of melted mozzarella stretched-and-stretched to resemble a telephone wire. (Happily, mozzarella cheese wasn't invented during cellular phone times.)

There was a salad.

I'm getting really tired of making salads.

Until my next exciting update - ironing day - I remain, your frizzy correspondent.

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  1. In case you think no one is reading……we are! It’s lovely to read these gentle little posts about every day living in these horrific news days. Thank you.

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