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Tony v Bill

La Quinta California: The chips Fauci+Gates put in my MODENA vaccine were fighting it out in my system over the past 24 hours, because I woke up yesterday morning feeling terrible. Not only was my arm sore, I was aching and freezing cold. Could not get warm. My teeth were chattering so hard, I actually bit my tongue. I had chills, yet no fever. Dave felt so poorly, he did not exercise. He ALWAYS works out. ALWAYS. The day was long. I could not eat. Just napped, and sat in front of the fireplace wrapped-up in every item of wool clothing I own. My goal was to stay alert until 9p, when I figured it would a good time to get in bed, under the duvet, with a Tylenol PM or two.

Even though the Tylenol PM had expired in October 2019.

Interesting thought from yesterday: this is how I felt when I had the flu several years ago (yes, I had a flu shot), just without the fever, congestion, etc... and that flu lasted a month and this reaction lasted one day. Still, since we have been so quarantined - and our grandchildren have been so quarantined - we haven't had as much as a sniffle for over a year. Health is everything.

Also, I forgot to mentioned I had MODERNA arm after my first injection February 5th. This is a rash that can occur days after the injection. My rash began 10 days after. I woke with an itchy hard red (palm-sized) lump about two inches below the injection site. DT googled, found it is a thing, and to just treat the rash with antihistamines (mine had expired April 2020!) Wowser, did this itch - for another ten days. Just as it disappeared, the second vaccine made it reappear within hours.

Rat farts.

Still, a rash and one day feeling like drek are a zillion-times better than getting (or giving) COVID-19. Be sure to heed the advice of drinking plenty of water after your second injection, and maybe have some (preferably not-expired) antihistamines in the house.

Until my next update, I remain, your feeling fine correspondent.

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  1. That incredible freezing cold, teeth chattering misery was what I had, only lasted for one night. The arm was raised (swollen), red and painful for 5 days. These side effects mean it’s working. Feel better soon.

  2. Yippee, it’s over and you survived! We get our second Phizer shot tomorrow.
    Had no reaction on the first one. Trusting for the same for this one.
    The font today was much better and easy to read. Thank you.
    Happy that soon you will be going out in the big world, carefully
    I’m sure. If only everyone would do the same!

  3. I was anxious to hear of your reaction to the vaccine. My son is in health care and had his two injections (Moderna) a while ago. He had the same reaction you had, except for the red rash. My second shot is in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

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