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Fully Vaccinated

Tuesday | 9 March 2021 | La Quinta, California: First, a bit of an update. The tech hired to repair a few things that were not working on this website has seriously gone to town. The hamburger is working on phones and tablets! Many things (behind the scenes) have been repaired. New font. Is it a bit pale and hard to read? Comments? This will be an on-going project for a while, so be patient - and thank you SO MUCH for your input and patience.

The website informing us of our next COVID vaccination appointment was updated yesterday (Monday) afternoon. We were golfing, but the word went out amongst our friends, and we all rushed around on our laptops to schedule appointments. In the end, there was no reason to rush. Plenty of slots available.

Before we headed out to our tee time, I threw together this pasta + roasted butternut squash + crispy (turkey) bacon + onion + garlic + sage casserole - roughly based on a non-casserole recipe from The New York Times, (may be behind a paywall). I popped the pasta casserole in the oven, then started to make appointments for our next jab. DT finished-up dinner (even made a salad) while I registered us for our second Moderna injection. Dinner done. Appointments - for the next day - done.

Before we head-off in another direction, I want to update a bit about the general cabinetry and bar situation in our house - realizing I wrote about this Saturday, but did not post photos.

ABOVE: the vanity cabinet in the guest room. Classy. The grandkids bath vanity has the same situation. Not finished.

BELOW: the bar.

The bar looks great, but it didn't work (no storage!), until we added the auxiliary cabinet that sits on the other side of the wall/behind the bar to hold glasses, wine and spirts. Take, for example, the two shelves on the wall above the bar sink. I (okay, not even 5'2") can barely reach the first shelf. Only Kareem can reach the top shelf. Did I mention earthquake country? The bear/moose art was purchased years ago at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. The whimsical print was produced by famed western artist Carl Rungius, and is still one of the most popular items purchased ($20) in the museum gift shop. A bear shaking a martini for a moose!

We have a very unusual ice bucket! This vessel usually is filled with sand and would hold upright incense sticks at a Buddhist or Tao temple. Someone in Taiwan decided this would also make a great ice bucket, and we purchased one in 1986-ish. Love this unique item. Keeps ice cold all evening. (The photo on our bar is of our English friends, Shirley & Martin - on their 25th anniversary. This photo has been on our bar for years. It is nice to have a drink with them in the evening, since we are separated by thousands of miles.)

Before heading-out for our jabs mid-day, DT found a visitor in our pool. GO DUCKS!

Again, our vaccination appointments were at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio - just a few miles from our house. It was easy to check-in and be placed in a social-distanced line to wait for an injection. We were asked - several times - to confirm our names and birth dates. (Best Question of the Day: was I pregnant or breastfeeding? If so - MOVE OVER MEGHAN AND HARRY: I'm on Oprah now!)

Our second dose of Moderna was injected. We are now fully vaccinated and in two weeks can begin to move back into society (fully masked, of course), though we will not, as our grandchildren are coming for a visit... but the moment they leave, I am going to a grocery store to choose our food myownself!

After returning home, the shelf-liner paper was located and the wine and champagne glasses were given new homes in the bar cabinet.

We are keeping a low profile this evening, but are feeling well. Everyone we know has felt bad for 24-hours after the second Moderna shot. Hopefully, we will be the odd-ones and feel fine?

I cannot tell you the relief felt after leaving the fairground pavilion today, knowing we were fully immunized. Tears! On the way home, there was an interview on the radio (NPR) with Dr. Anthony Fauci. He said some people think he (and Bill Gates) have put a chip in the vaccines that will control our minds. Seriously. If my mind is now being controlled by Fauci and Gates, expect big things from me soon.

Until my next update, I remain, your super-smart correspondent.

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  1. Your ads are obscuring some of your copy.

    I am fully vaccinated and am more than two weeks out, and I can’t tell you how great that feels! I got a haircut, hugged my grandkids, and went to a family dinner, all of which I hadn’t done in a year. I have been trying to use up all my groceries (been using delivery) before I go to the store, but that is next on my list.

  2. We are both as of today two weeks post second injections. I did cry tears of joy after my second one. We are going to Tucson today and we are going to dine out–WOW!!!

  3. I like the new font however it is hard to read being pale/light/grey/dim… cheers to the bar! 🍸

  4. Great news! Happy to hear that you may be rejoining the outside world sometime in the future!
    We’re looking forward to a visit from you or a visit to your house sometime this spring
    Our darling granddaughters are here visiting us for a while and it’s good to see how they have adjusted to online school.
    BTW we are fully immune ( we hope) so Captain Jim will venture to the Palm Desert farmers market this morning. Masks are required and no food samples handed out but the citrus from his favorite grower is especially good now so off he goes while I supervise 2nd & 4th grades
    Take care and GO DUCKS
    Mary T

  5. I agree that the font is a bit too light to be easily read by aging eyes. We too have received our 2nd Moderna vaccine and have had zero side effects…..I hope we got the real thing! I can’t wait to be with family, have vaccinated friends over for dinner, and to go to the grocery store for myself. I enjoy all of the photos of your projects and your lovely home. I am impressed with the many items you have from your days in Taiwan that you still have all of them, use them, and they haven’t fallen out of favor.

  6. As always, I love to read your posts and try your recipes! We just purchased a new house in Arizona and I’m going to buy that very bar cabinet – it’s perfect!
    Comments on the blog – text is very light and hard to read and I still have a problem with ads obscuring your content.


  7. Yes, the font is much too pale for these old eyes and I don’t want to miss a word of what you have to say.

  8. I did have side effects after the second shot but would still step up for a booster if/when it becomes available. There is a palpable sense of relief and freedom once the 10 days are passed. Love the mallard in the pool, that’s what I call a lucky duck!

  9. Hubby and I just got our first shots this week. I was so relieved. My 64 year old eyes are having difficulty reading the very pale text.

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