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I Have Recovered

La Quinta, California: Well, except for the dang rash, red itchy patch, and swelling on my upper arm, just below the injection site. Still, don't care. So happy that within just a few weeks, we will be able to leave our bubble! An Instacart order was placed at Costco for non-expired antihistamines (along with the other usual Costco stuff: TP - in stock!), so hopefully the itching will calm down in a week or so, as it did after my first injection. My Driver still has a sore arm, and a bit of itching. A pandemic ain't for wussies.

By having 24 hours disappear, the weekly meal plan was all messed-up... not to mention the groceries ordered are not always the groceries delivered. Several weeks ago, Mary & Captain Jim had recommended lamb kebabs from Bristol Farms. We ordered the kebabs and I was going to also serve my Baked Feta. The recipe calls for a brick of feta, and I was brought a package of crumbled feta... (that expires in September 2021!). I had also ordered a green, red, and yellow pepper for this recipe. What's a girl to do?

I chopped a third of each pepper, and sautéed them with a few cloves of garlic, and oregano, then added orzo (I boiled 1/2 cup of orzo pasta). Everything was tossed together, and topped with crumbled feta. DT grilled the kebab. Parsley garnish. Mary and Captain Jim were right - the lamb was delicious. We had enough left for lunch the next day.

Friday, I was back to my (still itchy and maybe a little bitchy) self. We had an afternoon tee time, and felt it would be good to get out and swing that arm and get the circulation going... since I swing the club around 120 times per round. The sky grew dark. The wind came up. The temperature dropped BELOW 60! I decided to cancel, but hubby went. One thing about living on your own course? If the weather gets junky, you can just go home.

This was not an inviting sky! Dave returned - after 10 holes. The clouds lifted to reveal a light dusting of snow on the mountains to the SW.

Appetizers, and dinner were ready.

Still experimenting with my Instant Pot, I wanted to try Pressure Cooker Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup, by Sarah DiGregorio. (This recipe is from The New York Times, and may be behind a paywall. There is also a slow-cooker version.) In the end, I just made it on the stovetop in a Dutch oven. I couldn't find wild rice anywhere in town, and settled for a wild rice "mix" from Whole Foods. As I look at the above photo, I realize the dill I bought for garnish is still sitting in the veggie bin. Idiot. We enjoyed the soup, made with homemade veggie stock, and it was great for a stormy evening, but it wasn't life-changing and there is no need to make it again.

If not for this dang pandemic, we would be in Las Vegas now, watching the Ducks in the Pac-12 Basketball Tournament, sipping on $32 cocktails at the T-Mobile Arena. Two years in a row, we have missed this tournament (and days of fun with friends) due to COVID-19. COVID-20? COVID-21?

I requested yellow roses from our Costco Instacart shopper, and this time we were lucky. In stock! However, the roses brought no luck to our house. The Ducks lost to the Stinkin' Beavers, 75-64. The Ducks will still go to the Big Dance (the Beavers will go only if they win the Pac-12 Tournament).

Until my next update, I remain, your itchy correspondent

WEBSITE UPDATE: I have ended the contract with the tech hired to repair my blog. Federico (yes, his name is Federico!) Though it will reduce my income, I decided to no longer have ads in the copy-section of this little blog at all. Too. Many. Ads. Now, there will be sometimes be one ad at the top of the page, and one ad at the bottom. Two ads will always be on the right column. (Don't forget to click the amazon link, on the right-side of every page, if you ever need want something from amazon. I get a little commission, which helps pay for hosting this site, and there is no additional cost to you.) The font has been darkened. Federico did all this - and restored all content since 2008 - for 10% of what I paid the other tech to totally mess-up my site last year. The recipes will be slowly added back to this site. I hope you will enjoy the new format!

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  1. Ads or no ads, always enjoy your posts!
    Do like the darker font and of course, the recipes.

  2. Glad you are feeling better! We get our second dose on Thursday. Website is much improved on my iPhone, but on my iPad the font is still light and there is no hamburger. 🤷‍♀️.

    1. News! I turned my iPad from landscape to portrait and bingo! The hamburger is there. Who knew? #Imtoooldforthistechstuff

  3. The font in the text section as well as the boxes/lines in the comment section is still too light for my old eyes. Better though.

  4. Thanks for removing most of the ads…..I know its stupid, but they make me mad while I’m reading. I’d be happy to use the Amazon link now that those intrusive ads are gone! The font is wonderful now and I always enjoy reading your blog….go Ducks!

  5. I have no issues re: this blog. I see it all clearly with my 65yr old eyes and really appreciate the ads being gone, especially in the comments. Your recovery was like mine but I had no itch. Sounds like you’re both healing well.

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