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Suttle Lake Hike

Sisters, Oregon: Before I begin today's adventure, I am going to time-travel back to last night because this morning, Ali sent this photo of our huckleberry pie dessert last night:

It was outstanding!

Our plan for the day was to hike around Suttle Lake. Ali had to work and Rick was going on a 35-mile bike ride, so we went alone. As we were driving up to the lake, Dave had a message from our contractor, Arnold, who is working on our patio paving project. Arnold noticed the air conditioner drain was dripping onto the patio (as it does if it gets plugged-up in the attic). We pulled over and arranged for our air con guy - and our house sitter - to converge. I was worried about heading off into the hiking wilderness, as we would need to be available via mobile phone... until I remembered Brother Rick phones me several days a week while jogging around the lake with his dog and we chat away. The lake has cell service!

We started our hike. I used my phone to turn off the burglar alarm. Maricella met the technician. It must have been repaired, as he left 30 minutes later, the alarm was reset, and (via my phone) the air conditioners are operating normally. Who knows? Probably when DT receives an invoice via email from the air conditioning company?

Speaking of Arnold, here is a photo received today. The cement edging around the pool was poured today. The pavers continue to be laid. Next is a 6x6 decorative tile strip along the upper edge of the entire pool. Then, I suppose, they will fill the pool with water again?

Everything was pressure-washed as well

Back to our original program: the hike around Suttle Lake. It is a very easy 3.6-mile hike on a trail directly along the lake edge. Beautiful views up to Mt. Washington.

Suttle Lake
West end of the lake, looking east
Typical view of the easy trail

We had fun, saw a lot of happy wet dogs, tons of families camping, and many canoers and kayakers. A few boaters were playing their music so loud, we could hear it from all sides of the lake, so that was a little bit of a bummer. Not exactly communing with nature, if ya get my drift?

We saw many water birds, several song birds and one osprey. Such diverse fauna from one side of the lake to the other too. Many berries! Such a pretty part of Oregon and the day was hot, but we were mostly in the shade. With several restrooms along the trail, this is the perfect spot for a nice long walk.

About half way through the hike, my little mind began to wander off to the remaining huckleberry pie that was just a few miles from the lake. Rick had returned to his house after his bike ride, so we stopped and mooched more pie!

Rick & Ali's log cabin. They built it themselves!

We had dinner tonight with Brother Rick and Ali at Three Creeks Brewing, and we will see them again tomorrow.

Report from Costa Rica: The 4L's had a rest day, after a morning excursion to see a sloth. Then, mani-pedi's and pool time. The grandkids have already made friends.

Until my next update, I remain, your hiking correspondent.

RV Park: Bend/Sisters Garden RV Park - Near the fairgrounds on Highway 20 between Sisters and Bend. (Closer to Sisters.) A very, very, nice campground. Perfectly maintained. Pull-throughs and back-ins. Pool/spa, store, ice, wifi, cabin cabins. With Good Sam discount, we are paying about $72 per night.

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  1. So nice that you could handle all the goings on at your home hundreds of miles via your phone. If you don’t mind me asking, what type of security system do you use, We are needing something as we now summer in VA and winter in FL. Thanks!

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