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14 August: Sisters, Oregon

Sisters, Oregon: Our drive today was only 90 miles, but My Driver chose the worst possible route. Never mind he has a competent navigator at his side. But... if he would have gone the easier/longer route, we would have missed 30 TRUMP 2020/TRUMP 2024 signs, 20 Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Trump flags, several people cheering on Brandon, and a few citizens who painted their own signs: F#*K BIDEN. (Except they used the U and the C. Can children in their town not read? Who would do that?). If these people spent half the time it took to paint a sign cleaning up all the junk on their property, the community would be a prettier place.

Carriage return. New paragraph.

Just before arriving in Sisters, we stopped at the Mt. Washington lookout for a break. The mountain is mostly snow-free this time of year. Unwilling to climb out of (or back into) the RV, My Driver took my camera and snapped a few photos for me:

Mt. Washington - one of the many volcanic Cascade Range mountains

Imagine my surprise when I blew-up the photo and noticed a plume of smoke. No wait, that isn't smoke, that is dust... and then noticed a helicopter in the photo. It was a military helicopter, probably making a rescue of a hiker.

Random timing

After checking into our campsite, we went directly to a hardware store to purchase a step stool to serve as our entry step. We found one that could remain in front of our entry, yet we could still close the door (and screen door). Probably would not meet OSHA standards, but we have grab bars all over the entry area, so will be most careful.

Classier than the folding chair from my desk? $30.

Interesting or not, there is a couple camped next to us with the same problem on their motorhome - their entry steps will not extend. They are now borrowing our 10-inch-high metal step stool!

We are in Sisters to see My Brother. (Oh, y'all know I just love typing that sentence.) One of our maternal cousins has recently moved to the Sisters/Bend area, so Brother Rick, and his wife, Ali, invited Cousin Rachel and her husband, Dave, to dinner. Brother Rick had just caught a King salmon on the Columbia River, and Rick and Ali had spent the weekend picking wild huckleberries - so we had ourselves a feast. I brought appetizers. Ali grilled the salmon. Rachel brought two salads. And Ali baked the most delicious wild huckleberry pie. Was it the most delicious pie she has ever made? Maybe! Ali is famous famous famous for her pies. The pastry!

Ali's wild huckleberry pie
The Cousins (in birth order, left to right) Terry, Rick, Rachel.
Rick & Ali

Guess what? When we left to drive to Ali & Rick's house tonight, the entry steps extended. Will they retract is the big question.

Costa Rica update: The Lisa, Lenny, and the kids went to a national wildlife refuge today and saw all sorts of critters, including a caiman and monkeys! What a wonderful experience for Leo and Lucile!

Until my next update, I remain, your accessible correspondent.

RV Park: Bend/Sisters Garden RV Park - Near the fairgrounds on Highway 20 between Sisters and Bend. (Closer to Sisters.) A very, very, nice campground. Perfectly maintained. Pull-throughs and back-ins. Pool/spa, store, ice, wifi, cabin cabins. With Good Sam discount, we are paying about $72 per night.

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  1. So great being with family and eating so well. Love to know how to make
    that pretty crust on the pie! Such a lovely area, Sisters, Oregon.
    Curious what it will take to fix your entry steps. Sure your
    Brian will handle it.

  2. Granted our Country Coach was much older than yours but my mechanic (aka husband) would whack the step motor with a hammer–worked every time! I sure hope you get that issue resolved soon. It’s always so good to visit family! I will soon be in another Trump stronghold visiting family–UGH–the Trump part, not the family!

  3. So jealous!
    Nothing better than fresh salmon and huckleberry pie!
    Definitely a NW treat

  4. The motor for the steps is not expensive and replacing it could make it work. It did for us.

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