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Staging Day

Sisters, Oregon: Our morning was spent (after exercising) trying to book campsites for our continuing route to Colorado... via Yellowstone National Park. We really need a smaller RV - it is nearly impossible to get this behemoth into a campground in August in America. We used computers and mobile phones, and we THINK we have everything secured for a very leisurely trip (we prefer to travel about 250 miles a day) east. Our only issue is our entry steps (currently extended). If they do not retract tomorrow morning (and all our known tricks do not get them to retract) there may be a delay. If they go in, and remain in, this is the better scenario. With our new super classy $30 step ladder, we can live a happy life. Driving across the West with our steps out would not be fun. And probably illegal?

Trip confirmed, we headed out to stock-up on wine groceries to get us through a week on the road. The car was fueled-up, and we stopped by Les Schwab to make an early morning appointment to get the bus tires aired-up.

Ali & Brother Rick were coming to our campsite for dinner tonight. I made a simple appetizer tray, and a big Salad Nicoise - along with a sourdough focaccia bread with sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan (that I bought and did not bake, people).

Rick and Ali
Salad Nicoise
Ali & Rick brought home-churned huckleberry ice cream
with huckleberry sauce

Dave and I have enjoyed our three days in Sisters (with My Brother and Ali) so much. So many stories told! So many memories re-lived. Family is everything.

Speaking of family... what is happening in Costa Rica? Lisa and Lucile went horseback riding through the jungle. Lenny and Leo went zip-lining. Every day they have experienced tropical rainstorms, but the weather has not stopped them from relishing their experience in Costa Rica.

Until my next update, hopefully somewhere in Eastern Oregon with operating entry steps, I remain, your well-stocked correspondent.

RV Park: Bend/Sisters Garden RV Park - Near the fairgrounds on Highway 20 between Sisters and Bend. (Closer to Sisters.) A very, very, nice campground. Perfectly maintained. Pull-throughs and back-ins. Pool/spa, store, ice, wifi, cabin cabins. With Good Sam discount, we are paying about $72 per night.

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  1. Enjoy your trip–you will be in my backyard when near Yellowstone. I’m assuming you’ve heard about the YNP June flood and the north and northeast entrances are still closed to traffic. Your blog appeared on my FB news feed and it also appears in my Blogger Reading List when you post.

  2. Okay, that does it!
    I’m having serious HUCKLEBERRY envy !
    May have to go to The Growers Outlet store in Portland and spend $50 for a quart of Huckleberries!
    You are so lucky, to have someone who knows where to pick them!
    As always SAFE TRAVELS

  3. Is there no “disable” switch for those pesky steps? If you could engage such a switch at least you’d be able to use your step stool !

  4. The Suttle Lake post doesn’t come up for me. It says Oops! That page can’t be found.

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