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Overnight in Burns, Oregon

Burns, Oregon: Not a lot to report this evening. Thankfully. Our steps retracted when DT started the engine this morning. The steps went in-and-out as required along our stops today. Like nothing had ever happened! I hate our steps. Usually. Sometimes.

Our first stop was to Les Schwab in Bend to have our tires topped-up. Our tech today was a woman. First time we have had a female work on our tires at Les Schwab. Loved it! She sat us straight in just about 45 minutes and we pointed the Magna Peregrinus east towards Yellowstone National Park. So excited. It's like we are actually on vacation. Traveling!

Our route was to follow Highway 20 east. High desert. Sage brush. Sage brush. Sage brush. Occasional cattle. Nothing but sage brush prairie. Our destination was the Burns RV Park, just on the east side of town. There seemed to be several pull-through sites, but we were given a back-in which afforded us no chance of a satellite window (trees). Whatever.

I was prepping dinner, when Dave yelled to me from outside. He needed a translator. An 8-year-old girl was out looking at a horse in a field behind our RV, and was speaking to Dave in German. To be honest, her English was quite good (she is 8!), but Dave needed reinforcements. In a bit, her two grandmothers and her mother - then her father - appeared, a bottle of wine appeared, and we had ourselves quite a nice cocktail uhr. The family had just been to Yellowstone in their rental RV (and were on their way to Crater Lake), so we asked them a lot of questions. In German. In English.

Lucile's age - she was quite proud of her National Park buttons

As it turns out, the girl's parents were in the stadium in Berlin (as were we) when Usain Bolt set the world record (9.58) in 2009 at the World Championships. Random! Like we were old friends? Best part of travel is to meet random strangers that you have something in common with.

Our dinner tonight was a bunch of asparagus that needed to be cooked, a few cherry tomatoes that were getting wrinkled, and a few left-over potatoes from the salad last night. I coated a little cod fillet in mustard and roasted it all together. Sheet pan dinner.

Dinner is served!

Until my next update, from somewhere down the road on the way to Yellowstone, I remain, your Germanic-challenged correspondent.

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