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Sister Sister

La Quinta, California: This post is way behind schedule, but there was a recent glitch in my website due to something conflicting with a recent update at my server. Since so much of my time has been spent at the doctor or physical therapist - plus lots of visitors - over the past two weeks, I just haven't had the mental capacity time to deal with the issue... but now it is resolved!

First, I need to share a visit from my Portland sister, Renee. We didn't do much, but spent hours together chatting - which is what my sister specifically requested we do on her visit: catch up. This was the first time she had seen our new house. We floated on loungers in the pool for hours, went to two al fresco lunches, went for a drive, took photos of each other, and enjoyed Happy Hour each evening on our verandah.

The highlight of Renee's long weekend with us was sharing a special bottle of wine from Valli in New Zealand. Her friend owns this vineyard and recently sent Renee a case of his prize-winning 2019 Pinot Noir from the Gibbston Vineyard. Renee brought a bottle for us to share on her last evening in La Quinta.

To make the wine shine, I chose to serve Italian Shortribs. Renee requested polenta on the side.

Dang if that wine wasn't delicious! Thank you so much, Renee!

Renee enjoyed her short visit and was so happy to see our new home and how we now live in the desert. Before going to the airport, we did another photo shoot:

That afternoon, I had another physical therapy appointment, and by the time I arrived back to our house, Renee had sent a MASSIVE flower arrangement:

Wowser - it was over-the-top! So fragrant.

Until my next update, I remain, your sisterly correspondent.

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  1. The song “Sisters” keeps going thru my head! Glad you had a nice visit! I think of you and family often, as we go to Baxter Hill often, and past the old Pringle School!

  2. Great photo of you both! So happy you had a nice visit. Someday we also need to visit and catch up!! See you this summer though!

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