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Second Week of April

La Quinta, California: Since I am not golfing nor jogging/walking due to my knee injury, you would assume I have a lot of time on my hands? Not so. Everything takes so much longer when you are using a cane/walking stick! Just trying to carry things from room to room is a challenge. My honest respect to anyone using a cane. Then there is the time spent icing the knee, driving to physical therapy, the actual physical therapy, driving home from PT. Icing. Icing. Icing. Sitting in waiting rooms at doctor appointments. So you will understand if I cheated a bit over this week in the meal prep department?

I've never tried the rectangular pizza crust/flatbread situation from Trader Joe's, but gave it a go this week. I covered the bread with TJ's famous Garlic Sauce, then added a bit of shredded mozzarella (from a bag), roasted red peppers (from a jar) and sundried smoked tomatoes (from a bag). The only effort was to snip a stem of basil from the kitchen garden as garnish. I recommend this crust. It comes two to a package, but is too long for my toaster oven - so DT grilled it outside.

Another easy-ish meal was chicken katsu in a bowl with edamame. Chicken cutlets were breaded with panko and air fried, the rice was steamed in the rice cooker, and the edamame came frozen (and already shelled). Katsu sauce came from a bottle; and the soy beans were drizzled with a Sriracha+mayo combo. Delicious.

One night we rode the golf cart up to the clubhouse and had dinner outside on the terrace. Out to dinner - what a concept!

We have been renting a storage garage for our motorhome at a new nearby facility, and decided last year to purchase a garage for ourselves. First, to use; but also as an investment. Our unit is currently under construction and it seems to be taking a while. We went to visit our bus the other day, run the engine and dash air conditioning for 30 minutes, while inspecting the construction site.

Our bus is stored in Phase One. The units are over 50' long, with cement floors and 50 amp service. There is on-site security 24 hours, repair/maintenance service, and a "concierge" (they will fill your fridge for you, and deliver your bus to your campsite).

Directly across from our rental unit (we rent from a friend) is the second phase, under construction. These units are offered in different widths. We bought the basic unit, the same dimensions as the space we are renting. Phase II offers air conditioned units and fancy flooring. We are currently planning (knee be damned) to spent June, July and August in our motorhome. Maybe by the time we return to La Quinta, our unit will be finished?

Oh, hello! Our gardenias are blooming!

And our grandkids are surfing.

Until my next update, I remain, your resting correspondent.

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  1. Hey future neighbor, we’re in Phase 3. When Emerald Desert raised the rent by 30% in January we decided it was time to look elsewhere.

    1. Good for you! The facility is so close to our house – another great reason for us to buy.

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