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Only Pretty Flowers

La Quinta, California: There was a bit of rain Monday evening, which caused the cactus to pop into blooms nearly instantly. I snapped these photos on my massively long walk Wednesday... okay, it was only 2 miles... I'm still on the Injured Reserve. Not really sure the name of many of the blooms, but they are pretty!

This (some sort of aloe?) is on the 12th tee box -
close-up of the blooms below:

The bees were all over these sticky flowers!

Flowering tree at the 14th hole

After exercising, I went to my physical therapy appointment. Initial evaluation was very positive: I am very strong, and should heal well... in time. However, I am so sore from my PT yesterday, I can barely do my PT exercises today!

Until my next update, I remain, your flowery correspondent.

One thought

  1. The first photo is an “Agave Americana” most commonly called a centuty plant. They typically live only 10 to 30 years. It has a spread around 6–10 ft with gray-green leaves of 3–5 ft long, each with a prickly margin and a heavy spike at the tip that can pierce deeply. Near the end of its life, the plant sends up a tall, branched stalk, laden with smelly yellow blossoms, that may reach a total height up to 25–30 ft. The plant dies after flowering, but produces adventitious shoots from the base, which continue its growth. Note: don’t be near it when it falls.

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