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Passover + Coachella

La Quinta, California: That's quite the combo, eh? Passover and Coachella? It is also Easter and Ramadan - quite the confluence of the world this week. Of course, the kids were here for five days and we threw our annual pre-functioning Coachella brunch with Angela. So much to celebrate.

Prior to a week of no grains, we gorged on pasta. I made a roasted tomato sauce (in the oven) and served it over little shells - along with the other rectangular "pizza" crust from Trader Joe's, which served as the garlic bread portion. Green & Yellow GO DUCKS theme, for Leo. There was also a salad.

The entire (nearly two years now) we have lived in this house, the Coachella Music Festival had been on hiatus due to the pandemic. When we wintered at the Motorcoach Country Club, we could easily hear the music from the festival. Now, since we are basically across the street from the polo fields, we can REALLY hear the music, and we can watch the festival light shows fill the sky with beautiful purples and blues. With YouTube streaming the show, we only have to put the television on mute and we get a free concert. Mind you, it usually isn't music we would normally want to hear or listen to. We are not bothered by traffic, as we never leave the walls of our club during the three days. The only goal is to stock the larder and wine rack prior to 125,000 hipsters showing up to pick the grocery aisles clean for two weekends in a row... not to mention the Stagecoach country music festival on weekend three.

Angela was here for what she always claims is her last Coachella. We know she will be back. Every year, on the first day of the first weekend, we prepare a brunch for Angela and anyone else who happens to be in town. This year we had Angela, her boyfriend, Bryan, and Fernando from Mazatlán. Every year the same menu is prepared: Corfu omelets (Angela is from Greece), turkey breakfast sausages, roast potatoes, fruits, sweets and bottles of bubbly.

But then we began the Seder preparation. Brisket and gravy with mashed potatoes, smoked salmon gefilte fish on endive leaves with parsley mayo, charoset with dates, walnuts and apples, roasted asparagus with pistachio butter. Flourless chocolate torte to finish. Lenny found the best-ever Haggadah for children and Leo and Lucy are old enough now to read portions - even in Hebrew. Being able to participate makes the Seder so much more interesting to them.

Our Seder plate

So here is where the "Coachella" part comes into play. Lisa was given two VIP passes so she could take Leo to see Billy Eilish Saturday night. When she received the tickets, Eilish was to perform at 9p. Late for a 10 year old... but was switched to 11:30p! What to do? Leo was so excited about seeing Billie Eilish, he promised to take a nap before the show! Fan devotion. Dave drove them to the back gate of our country club and they hoofed it to the festival.

Lenny fetched them from the back gate around 2:00a! Leo was so happy. I could hear his bubbly voice from the kitchen where he was chowing-down on left-over brisket, but did not get out of bed as I was trapped by a certain blanket-stealing seven-year-old. Leo slept until 10:30 the next morning, and immediately began telling us everything he saw and did and showing tons of photos and videos he snapped on his iTouch. A very happy boy - plus they met up with Angela (his godmother) and Bryan. They had a gourmet dinner from a pop-up LA seafood place and Lisa had a $27 glass of wine. Wow, that must have been a nice wine? No. It was a $10 glass of wine for $27. Coachella prices.

We had such a great visit with our family. Grandchildren are the best part of life! Everyone is now back in Los Angeles for school/work. Bubba and I are recovering from all the activity. My knee is recovering from all the cooking (while standing on travertine). We will grocery shop on Wednesday to avoid leaving the premises for week two of Coachella, and next week: our house is being painted! White, with grey doors and garage doors. It certainly will brighten-up the joint!

Until my next update, I remain, your caught-up correspondent.

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  1. Busy, busy busy!
    Really enjoyed the newsy update, glad you had such a wonderful time with your family!
    Hope your knee gets better soon
    Take care!

  2. Family time is just the best ! Your meals certainly looked yummy
    and surely had you on your feet a bit.
    I remember you injured your knee…..? In this time gap, did you have surgery?
    Interesting to know but is all the physical therapy helping? Hope so.
    New paint always feels so good!

  3. Save your knee (and back!). You should really try buying one of those padded mats for the kitchen. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it make (we have travertine floors as well!). I think you can even get them at Costco.

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