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Rolling Hills Golf

Corning, California: Our main activity for today was to play golf at Rolling Hills. Yes, we have played this course many times before, but I have not played golf for several months and was interested to learn how my torn meniscus would feel after receiving the steroid injection a few week ago. We had an 11a tee time, and I took two Advil at 11a. We golfed with a cart, and I walked about half of the holes.

The weather has changed! It rained quite a bit overnight. We woke to puddles on the streets in this campground and it was very chilly (for us) this morning. The weather threatened all day, but we had no rain during our round, though it was very windy. I am so happy California received rain, I didn't even care about my golf game. (Oh, wait. I never care about my golf game.)

The course at Rolling Hills is so pretty - especially on the back nine - with many swampy marshes and Red-Winged Blackbirds. There are two terribly long holes that I can't even begin to play (though I tried).

We played in just over three hours, as the course wasn't too crowded and we play fast (never mind I shot 128). We each lost a few balls in the tall native grass... which on this course, you are not allowed to enter. I had one interesting shot. I hit my fairway wood up to the green, but it hit a CART PATH sign and virtually disappeared. Dave and I were both watching my shot. It sailed 100 easy yards and then hit the sign. After hitting the sign, it vanished. Like my ball imploded into dust upon impact. There was no growth around the sign, so if my ball would have bounced-off somewhere, we should have found the bright pink ball. Nothing.

Imagine you had a bunny and it died. You made/ordered a headstone for your bunny, and randomly, your bunny was named CARTS. This is what imploded my ball - a bunny-sized head stone.

Rest in Peace.

My Driver, missing a putt by inches.

TMI: My knee felt fine after our round. (Icing it tonight.)

After golf, we drove the Jeep into Corning to The Olive Pit - a touristy shop we have not visited for over 20 years. Maybe it has improved, or not, we can't remember... but it now has a café and the aisles seem wider and things seem less dusty? We bought some kalamata olives.

Our traditional Sunday night pizza dinner was a frozen cheese pizza from Trader Joe, that I doctored-up (NOTE TO READERS: I am NOT a doctor) with the last of the mozzarella from the chicken last night, minced red pepper, minced red onion, and a bit of sliced black olive. Not gonna lie: was not that great. I followed the directions, but it maybe the fault of our RV oven?

Our salad made up for anything. A perfect avocado. A perfect tomato (from our garden). A perfect purple basil stem (from our CSA box), drizzled with wonderful Sardel Olive Oil - a housewarming gift from Marie and Matt. Over the top.

We will point our motorhome north tomorrow. Until my next update, I remain, your soggy correspondent.

RV PARK: Rolling Hills RV Park - in Corning. Basic pull-through gravel sites with full service. This park is best suited for campers with their own bathroom facilities as the bathhouse is quite a walk away from the campground. There is a casino with many restaurants, a travel center with discounted fuel, concert venues, a hotel and a very good golf course. We are paying $170 for two nights, including a round of golf for two.

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