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Corning: Quick Update

Corning, California: We did not travel far today. Leaving late, not driving far. The world's slowest RVers.

Last night a big motorcoach pulled-in to the campsite next to us at 11p. Very late. This morning we met our new neighbors (Charlie, wearing an Oregon baseball hat), and learned we have so much in common. They also winter in the desert, and also have one daughter. Les Schwab was dispatched to help with an issue on their tow vehicle, so we had a good chat while their car was situated. On the other side of our motorcoach, we found a recently-retired Army couple who have lived all over the world (and we have lived in some of the same countries). How fun to meet complete strangers with so much in common. Random.

Not too much to report on our trip today. Only driving north on I-5. Terrible road conditions, but we can happily report we needed the windshield wipers for at least two minutes today. Rain! California needs rain!

As I checked into our campsite at the Rolling Hills RV Park, My Driver "topped off" our tank... to the tune of $250... only because the meter shut-off at $125. (I think the fuel meters need to be upgraded due to the current high price of fuel?) He filled us up twice at $125. I checked into our reserved site for two nights with the "Stay and Play" package, which gave us two nights camping and two rounds of golf for $170.

Such a deal.

How many times have I posted this photo from Rolling Hills? (PS: What a pretty motorhome!)

Our CSA box last week included a pot of three different basil plants in one container. I decided to bring it along instead of trying to snip basil from our garden. It is like a herb garden and a centerpiece all-in-one! If I give it a bit of water every day, the pot rewards us with fresh leaves for our dinners. Tonight I made (again) the Sheet Pan Chicken Parmesan from Damn Delicious... except I brought along two chicken cutlets already prepped (in the freezer). Toss cherry tomatoes with minced garlic, oregano, chile flakes, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Roast the tomatoes with chicken cutlets (dusted in flour, dunked in beaten egg, and coasted in panko and parmesan), for a while... then turn the cutlets and top with sliced mozzarella and roast/toast/bake until the cheese is bubbly. What could be better?

Obviously, I made a half-recipe, using a 10 ounce packet of cherry tomatoes, two cutlets... but I used all of the garlic and spice as written in the recipe. Go Big or Go Home.

As I was frying the uncured turkey bacon last night for the pasta, I also cooked a few strips to "garnish" our wedge salads tonight.

We have a tee time tomorrow, but it is raining a bit. I hope it pours all night, but probably we will be able to golf in the morning. I am only thinking about all the wonderful bird life along the golf course at Rolling Hills and how many birds will be happy tomorrow if it rains overnight. Have not golfed for weeks. Will see how my torn meniscus feels about golfing.

Until my next update, I remain, your optimistic correspondent.

RV PARK: Rolling Hills RV Park - in Corning. Basic pull-through gravel sites with full service. This park is best suited for campers with their own bathroom facilities as the bathhouse is quite a walk away from the campground. There is a casino with many restaurants, a travel center with discounted fuel, concert venues, a hotel and a very good golf course. We are paying $170 for two nights, including a round of golf for two.