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In Oregon

Canyonville, Oregon: A few things not mentioned from our two night stay at the Rolling Hills RV Park: When we first arrived, as My Driver was “topping off” our tank at the Travel Center - to the tune of $250 - a stranger approached Dave asking for gas money. (Pretty sure My Driver should have been asking said stranger for money.) Later, when we again were at the Travel Center to purchase a bag of ice, I noticed a woman hovering near the door talking on a mobile phone… except this woman did not have a cell phone. She was only cupping her hand to her ear, appearing to be on a cell phone. Whenever anyone walked past her to enter the Travel Center, the cell phone ruse was dropped and she begged for cash. This morning, a car drove into an empty campsite near us and used the water spigot to wash-up and brush their teeth. I’m not unsympathetic to the trials of others, but we need to keep aware of our surroundings.

Another day of leaving late and not driving far. Dave worked out this morning, but I gave myself a day of rest. The knee was a bit sore this morning after 18 holes yesterday.

We stopped for a lunch break along the Klamath River, (I-5, exit 786). The Randolph E. Collier Rest Area is very nice. Like a huge city park with two giant bathrooms, picnic tables, and beautiful flowers and trees. There are paths along the river with informational signs about the history of the area, including a huge BBQ held by settlers in 1851 for the local tribe, to celebrate the signing of a peace treaty. The settlers poisoned the meat, killing the natives.

We checked-into Seven Feathers RV Resort at 4p, set up camp, and took a walk. Again, we have just missed the Rhododendron in their full glory, there were still a few in bloom:

Y'all know we just love this RV Park. It has everything - pool, fitness center, communal fire pit area, rally facilities, etc., and is also part of the entire 7 Feathers Casino, hotel, restaurants, shops and a huge travel center/truck stop with "cheap" fuel prices.

Jordan Creek

We enjoyed cocktails outside on the picnic table while chatting with our neighbors (their grandson is being recruited by the UO football team!) and enjoying the beautiful evening. Appetizers were small tonight as I had a big meal planned. Remember the Sheet Pan Chicken Parmesan for Saturday night? Leftovers were our lunch today... and even our appetizer tonight. I shredded the bit of remaining chicken and roasted cherry tomatoes, mixed it with a tablespoon of mayo, and viola - Chicken Parmesan spread.

Don't waste food

I'm seriously beginning to think something is wrong with our oven. Searched every drawer in the bus, but could not find an oven thermometer, but (just like the oven in our house) the fairly-new convection oven is not reaching the correct temperatures... which is why it took about 40 minutes to roast frozen fries for our steak frites. Annoying. Also annoying? Miss Organized 2022 left the lovely bottle of pinot noir planned for this evenings meal at home.

I mashed basil leaves, garlic, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese with my mortar and pestle, stirred-in some of that lovely Sardel olive oil to make pistou (French pesto without pine nuts) to serve over the seared steaks. At least the steak was good, as the fries were not.

The bottle of Pear-Champagne balsamic vinegar we purchased in Lodi was opened to make a pear, walnut and blue cheese salad - served over butter lettuce. That was divine... and kinda served as dessert as well?

We will reach our destination - Eugene - tomorrow, where we will stay five nights to watch the NCAA Track & Field Championships. This is our favorite meet of the year. Love the competition and love they are kids/college students. Love all the parents flying in to watch their "children" run, jump and throw. Everyone wearing their team colors. So much fun.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.

RV PARK: 7 Feathers. As I said above, it has everything and is so pretty and so well maintained. I-5 in Oregon, exit 99. (99 miles north of the California border.) We paid $64 with our casino club card. NOTE: We don't go to the casino, but years ago (when we camped in their 24-site RV park in the casino parking lot, before they built this luxurious park) we joined the club. It is free and it gives you a discount on camping (or a hotel room), but it also gives a discount on fuel! Win-win! If you do want to visit the casino, I'm not sure what the card offers, but a shuttle bus is always driving around the RV park to take you to the casino/restaurants. Need to go to the grocery store? The shuttle will take you there as well. Free!