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Repair Day

Junction City, Oregon: Our motorhome had to be to Premier RV Services by 8:30a, so we were up early... and then had until 3 o'clock find something to occupy our day. It was cold and it rained on-and-off all day. (Would this be a good time to mention it is 110 degrees in La Quinta?)

There is always one thing a person can do in Junction City - shop for RVs! There are several dealers in the area and it is always fun to look at what is new and improved - especially since we last purchased a RV in 2008. We have a fantasy of down-sizing one day to a smaller motorhome, and maybe getting something with a hide-a-bed situation for the grandkids. (Our 45-foot RV sleeps two. No sofa, no booth dinette, nothing that can be made into a bed - even for a little kid. We bought our RV 13 years ago - long before grandchildren.)

However, since everyone in America bought a RV during the pandemic, there are very few models to even see - let-alone buy. Even if we did decide to buy a new RV, it would not be delivered until this fall... or winter! Seriously, no inventory in the Coachella Valley, or in this area. Dave and I have discussed what we want in a smaller RV, and what we could live without, and a washer/dryer (stinky running clothes!) was a must-have. The smallest RV's we have found with a washer/dryer are in the 33-34 foot range. Still a pretty large RV. Dave really wants diesel; I don't care. We bought our current RV, planning to spend 6-8 months a year living in it - and we have. Now that we plan to winter in our house in La Quinta, and take shorter RV trips, we no longer need this massive motorhome. On the other hand, this RV is paid for... but it is 13 years old.

We both liked the floorplan of the Winnebago Forza 34T, but My Driver did not think the quality was quite as nice as our Country Coach. He is so spoiled. The Forza has all plank flooring - no carpet in the entire RV. There are charging stations everywhere, and a lap desk/office at the passenger seat. We both like the mid-entry door. Cons: the closet is only tall enough for a short dress, and limited kitchen storage. No dishwasher, but we know a dish drawer is something that will have to go if we want a shorter RV. The Winnegago Forzo 34T:

Another floorplan we like is the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA, and this is a higher-priced machine than the Winnebago. There are none available on the face of the earth at this time however, so we could not tour an Allegro Red 33AA. We were able to see a 37' model, so could view the quality, etc. I do not like the fact there is carpet on the slide-out in the kitchen. Carpet in front of the sink and stove! I would destroy that carpet in the first week. Both motorhomes have Cummins diesel engines. The Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA:

We looked at several used motorhomes, but most everything was 38-40 feet, and that just wasn't enough down-sizing. There is always the option to get rid of our two recliners and switch them out for a hide-a-bed.... but there may be a weight issue on our slide room. Still working on this option. In the meantime, we will do nothing, but dang, it is fun looking at RVs! The recliners in our motorhome (the footrests flip up):

We went to lunch, and went to Fred Meyer (a Kroger) to grab a head of lettuce... and ended up spending $60... but at least we remembered the lettuce! Then we headed back to the repair shop and waited until our bus was ready to be taken away for the night.

We are having four windows repaired/replaced this week. They have fogged-up/seals between the layers is broken. Entry door window is in stock. Easy fix. Driver side window, forward slide window, and kitchen window needed to be custom-ordered, so that will take a few days. So we are really classing-up this RV Park tonight:

The plastic film covering the window openings is the sticky-stuff they put down over carpeting in RVs before they are sold to protect the carpet from foot-traffic/dirt (like at a RV show). Fancy, eh?

And a view from the inside:

It's not exactly warm in Eugene this week. Going to be a chilly night. It is NOT supposed to rain, but the sky is filled with dark grey clouds. Should make for an interesting evening.

Appetizers tonight were cubed cheese, mixed nuts (my own mix), cornichons and cherry tomatoes, and toasts with olive tapanade (courtesy of My Cousin Rachel).

Notice how only the martini is in focus? Priorities.

This evening, I sauteed two small chicken cutlets (dredged in flour, dipped in an egg wash, then coated in panko bread crumbs). One of my all-time favorites - Chicken Katsu - served with steamed rice, Katsu sauce for dipping. Using even more already-prepped sauces, I usually serve Chicken Katsu with a salad made with iceberg lettuce and carrot shavings - with Red Shell Japanese Miso Dressing. Just as you would get at a Japanese restaurant. Hey, I'm camping!

Meanwhile, on the coast north of Los Angeles, the Four L's are still enjoying life on a farm! Fishing! Hanging out with farm animals. Riding horses. S'mores!

We will take the bus back to Premier RV Services tomorrow, and then - a special treat - will have a tour of the new Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Science Impact at the University of Oregon. So excited.

Until my next update, I remain, your open-air correspondent.

RV PARK: Guaranty RV Park: Full-service, pull-through 50 amp site. Dog park, rally facilities, laundry, RV supplies. We are paying about $42 per night.

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  1. Take a look at the Renegade Valencia 35mb…diesel
    Super C 35’7″
    Washer /Dryer, decent kitchen prep space between single bowl sink and stove. 150gal fresh water, solar, generator, etc.

  2. There is no quality to compare to a Country Coach. We have regretted selling our Coach time and again!

  3. My husband and I are going to sell our diesel pusher motor home and are going to buy a DRV 5th wheel. We have a diesel dually Ram 3500 limited truck. The quality in most of the motor homes and 5th wheels we’ve looked at is not good at all but we do like the DRV brand. Great quality but you pay for it.

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