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Good Day + Bad Day

Junction City, Oregon: Our bus was not requested until the noon hour to Premier RV Services, so we left it there before heading into Eugene for our scheduled tour of the Knight Science Campus at the University of Oregon. The first thing a visitor notices is the architecture - amazing - and then all the open space, and then all the labs, and then all the scientific equipment (I have no idea, but there were a lot of 3-D printers and a clean room.) With new students only now coming into the facility due to the pandemic, everyone seems to just be getting their toes wet. The science center will focus on just a few disciplines, but the coordination between academia and business is outstanding. Thank you, Penny and Phil Knight for this amazing addition to the University - and to the world of science.

The scientist who will discover how to stop your arthritis pain will walk up and down these stairs.

Open spaces and gathering areas are encouraged to foster discussion and idea-sparking!

After this enlightening tour we returned to fetch our bus only to learn NOT EVEN ONE THING had been repaired! Why hadn't they called us? We were instructed to return by 4p, so we could remove our RV from the repair shop before they locked the gates at 4:30p. It was a total waste of our time to have driven the bus one mile to the repair shop. Now... wait for it... we have to take our motorhome back to the shop tomorrow morning and they plan to get to three of the four windows... but we will have to wait until Friday to get the 4th window installed. Guess what is happening Friday? The first day of the US Olympic Track & Field Trials.

Steam does not only come from a person's head in a comic strip. I thought My Poor Driver was going to lose it. But he didn't. G-d love him - DT was cool as a cucumber. We returned our motorhome to our nearby campsite, and settled-in for the evening.

Dave grilled a New York Steak (to perfection), while I roasted a few gold potatoes, zucchini and a red pepper:

After dinner, we began the ridiculously ridiculous process of transferring Olympic Trials tickets to our friends. Dave and I purchased a block of tickets for our posse, so it was up to us me to transfer the tickets from Dave's laptop to everyone's phone. This process is time-consuming and tedious and resulted in Dave receiving about 3970 emails. (You have transferred a ticket to John Doe. John Doe has received his ticket. John Doe has accepted his ticket.) On and on and on and on and on and on... as we have 8 tickets every day for 8 days of track and field. We can't blame the University for this situation, tickets are handled by Ticketmaster - so to be COVID-friendly. Fans entering the stadium must also use the CLEAR app to prove they are vaccinated, and only about half of the seats will be filled.

Enough about our odd day... along the coast north of Los Angeles, Lisa and Lenny had arranged for Leo and Lucile to have surf lessons!

It was just a day activity, but both kids really took to surfing. We know they are both basically fish after months in our pool. What a great vacation they are having!

Until my next update - with hopefully a few new windows installed in our motorhome - I remain your scientifically-optimistic correspondent.

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  1. Wow…so sorry to hear your repair was “ghosted” You’d think in this day & age of cell phones and texting that someone smarter than a brick would have at least given you a call to update you. (I know, I know…other than the “Brians” of the world…most aren’t)

    If it’s any consolation, we had a FIRM appointment for five items to be repaired on our Airstream. And after three (3) weeks, exactly none of them were done! Their excuse? “Oh, we got busy” (What’s the point of having an appointment then???) At least I called prior to going to pick it up…

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