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Moved to Junction City

Junction City, Oregon: Many RVers know Junction City as a destination for RV manufacturing, sales, upgrades, and repairs. With a few days off between track meets, we moved our motorcoach to Junction City (20 miles) to have a few repairs made on our 13-year-old bus. After checking-into the Guaranty RV Park (associated with a RV dealership and parts store), our tech, Brian Van De Walker, showed-up and started-in on our very long list of tweaks needing tweaking. Brian came to see us last month in La Quinta - fixing enough things to get us road-worthy - but will now finish our checklist while we are in his neck of the woods, with access to parts, etc. (If you want to follow Brian, he has a fun and informative YouTube presence. Here is the video he made of flying down to us last month to replace our inverter - with a shout-out to your RV Goddess:

The Belly of Our Beast!

Dave and I had a relatively quiet day. After Brian finished a few repairs, then left to gather supplies and parts for repairs tomorrow, we went to the RV supply store at Guaranty to purchase a new sewer hose. Try to contain your excitement! Honestly, it had been a while, and the variety of sewer hose options these days is practically dizzying. The rain stopped around noon, so we had a pretty nice afternoon in Junction City. 65 degrees and mostly-sunny.

Dinner tonight was a (frozen/re-heated) jar of Quick Smoky Red Lentil Stew, a lovely vegan soup I made in April and froze for an occasion just like tonight. Served with naan and watermelon, it was a filling - and vegan - dinner.

Our situation at Guaranty RV Park in Junction City, Oregon (luckily, this photo does not show the muck on our bus after several days of rain):

The Four L's have taken-off north of LA, to celebrate NO MORE SCHOOL. They are staying on a COVID-Safe farm situation, and having a great time exploring the Great Outdoors. I love that our grandchildren get to experience such fun!

S'mores! What a great experience for the family - including their gorgeous mom (sorry, super prejudiced).

Until my next update, I remain, your "under-repair" correspondent.

RV PARK: Guaranty RV Park: Full-service, pull-through 50 amp site. Dog park, rally facilities, laundry, RV supplies. We are paying about $42 per night.