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Lebanon, Oregon: We were supposed to be here weeks ago - our first night on the road after the World Track & Field Championships. Just a little delay. Mallard Creek RV Resort & Golf Course is the campground we visited on the very first night we took delivery of this bus in November of 2008. In February 2022, DT booked us here after the track meet for a Stay & Play package, and they honored their promise when we showed up tonight.

I guess we need to back up. Today began as yesterday: trying to kill time. We have killed so much time in Eugene, Eugene should officially be DEAD. We actually slept well in our hotel room last night - shocking after all the stress of the past week. Being in downtown Eugene yesterday allowed us to see several old friends, so that was definitely a huge plus of our circumstance. The valet fetched Dave's bike from our car early this morning, and My Driver had a good ride along the river while I finished my Beauty Sleep.

The brake shop began finishing up the repair at 8a. All rear tires (6 of them) needed to be removed to install new shock absorbers... and then, there was the alignment. All we could do was wait. Breakfast:

After breakfast, we checked out of our hotel, and drove the few blocks to our bus. It was determined the job would be finished just after lunch. So excited, but still... more time to kill. We went to visit friends on the University of Oregon campus - completely out of things to do... places to see...

The Duck is always happy to see us!
We loved the sign on a study room door at the student center:
No Food. No Beverage. No Beavers.

At 2p, we went back to the brake shop and our bus was being backed-out of the garage bay. Finished! Panhard bar/rod repaired. New shock absorbers. Alignment. Such a wonderful feeling. Now, we were FINALLY free to continue on our trip home to La Quinta - via Denver! (Did I mention, we are going to Denver to see My Baby Brother?)

Not so fast Grasshopper.

Our entry steps would not retract. Is this a continuing issue, or what? They either won't go in... or they won't go out. 13 years! We tried everything. Everything. Fuses. Starting/restarting the bus. We had Brian on speed dial and he gave us several ideas. Nothing worked. In the end, we drove 40+ miles to Lebanon with our steps out... never mind the countless honks from concerned citizens. So embarrassing.

We are NOT counting the step issue as a 4th issue in our "three things" scenario, as this issue is on-going. Brian is coming out tomorrow to fix us up. Brian is going above/beyond on his position as our RV savant this week. Probably he just wants us out of Oregon so he can get some rest?

Dave and I had an early evening... and have a tee time tomorrow. What will happen? Stay tuned. Until my next update, I remain, your released (pretty-much) correspondent.

RV Park: Mallard Creek Golf & RV Resort - We are staying on a two-night "stay and play" package: two nights with full hook-ups, 50 amp pull through, and 18 holes for two players with cart. $240.

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  1. Have you considered changing the motor that opens and retracts the steps? It may be as simple as that and they are not expensive.
    Safe Travels.

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