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Mallard Creek

Lebanon, Oregon: Our devil-possessed entry steps retracted themselves sometime overnight. Now they will not extend! Every trick we know can not out-smart our entry steps. I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box, but figured-out a work-around:

I'm so classy!

We had a tee time mid-day, but pushed it back a few hours as Brian had yet to show. He knows the code to our bus door, so we didn't need to be here, we wanted to be here. Our "Stay & Play" package did not include a golf cart, so we had to cough up another $34 for a gas-powered shock-absorber-lacking hulk. It was such a rough ride over the cart paths, I think my panhard rod cracked. A very pretty course, with a lot of ponds very hungry for Dave's golf balls. My game continues to bite the big one, but two pars were scored today. I usually claim two pars in a month. Four hours on the links and the only photo captured was one of a thistle:

Brian had not visited our bus during our round of golf. Hmmm. At least the step is IN, instead of OUT... which makes driving much safer. DT has decided a visit to a home improvement store to purchase a three-step folding stool is next on the list. This dang step fails us so often, it's ridiculous we haven't been carrying a step stool over the past 13 years. Exiting is easy - slide out on your bottom from the lowest interior bus stairwell. Getting back inside is the issue.

Dinner tonight was Butter Chicken. Everything had been measured/chopped prior, so it came together very quickly. A very quiet evening, resting after 18 holes, and catching up on the Diamond League track meet from Monaco. Yes, His Serene Highness was sitting in the stands.

The 4 L's have flown off to Costa Rica! They will enjoy the wildlife and surf.

Until my next update, I remain, your stepless correspondent.

RV Park: Mallard Creek Golf & RV Resort - We are staying on a two-night "stay and play" package: two nights with full hook-ups, 50 amp pull through, and 18 holes for two players with cart. $240.

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  1. Terry, I’m glad to hear Dave has recovered. So sorry I missed you two when you were in Oregon – I was looking forward to catching up.

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