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11 August: One More Day?

TrackTown, USA: Just more and more excitement every day! Just kidding. Neither of us could sleep well last night, so stressed about the 9-mile drive to the brake shop. Though Brian had calmed My Driver quite a bit - giving advice to raise the tag axle while making turns - there were five sharp turns just to exit the RV park. Yikes. However, with my Google mapping skills, I was able to plan a low-speed-limit back-route to the brake shop requiring only 5 additional turns, with the added bonus of noting city bus stops along the route, meaning all streets would be RV-friendly.

Dear Reader, we made it… with me trailing behind in the Jeep. Arriving just after 8a, the shop had our bus in a repair bay by 9 o’clock. Not allowed inside the shop, I was hovering around outside the massive garage door as they backed the Magna Peregrinus over a hole in the shop floor that was the work space. First thing I heard was, “Holy Shit, the panhard bar is completely ripped off!”… followed by a second voice: Holy F&#k! (At least they are religious?) Then the mechanics started acting a bit excited and were talking about how they were going to conquer the task. Positive vibes all ‘round.

It was suggested we hang around for a while until the damage was accessed and the estimate could be presented. It was only 60 degrees this morning in The Eug, so we carried the provided chairs from the outdoor customer waiting area out to the sunshine. It was just like we were tailgating before the big game?

Yeah, no.

We later learned the shock absorbers were also damaged and needed to be replaced. (Insert sad face here.) With this, that, and the other thing, the bus would also need an alignment… so probably we would get our bus tomorrow. Whatever. Much, much, much better than the two-weeks to two-months quoted from other shops. The shop manager would let us know for sure later. We headed out in search of a late breakfast or an early lunch. Of course, we went to Cafe Yumm!

And… of course, I had the Hot n’ Jazzy with seasoned tofu. I don’t even look at the menu. Why do I waste bandwidth by continuing to snap photos of my Yumm bowl? Every photo looks the same.

Then we went to find a small air pump for DT’s bicycle tires. Then we walked around for a while. Then we went to Mindy’s needlepoint shop to buy stretcher bars for the “Choose Happy” canvas, as I may start it on this trip. More errands. More strolling. Window shopping. Then, finally, late afternoon, it was determined our bus would not be ready today. We had the option of having our motorhome moved to their parking lot, where we could dry-camp overnight… but I don’t think they wanted to lose their momentum. If our bus stayed where it was, the repairs would continue right away in the morning. Decision made. They allowed us to grab a few things for overnight, and we checked into a hotel. Our motorhome would be tucked-away for the night, plugged into 50 amp, safe, inside the garage bay.

Another plus of our decision? We were able to snag a table at Marché - our favorite restaurant in Eugene. It was totally booked during our June visit for the NCAAs. And forget trying to get a table during the World Championships especially if you had COVID. It had been too long.

We both ordered Steak Frites!

NOTE: This post was composed on my iPad. It may not look normal. Forgive until I get my life back together.

Until my next update, hopefully typed inside our motorhome, I remain, your anxious correspondent.

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  1. Hang in there! I just know all will go well today, and it sure sounds like you found the right shop.,

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