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Recipe Updates & Additions

La Quinta, California: Another busy and fun week around Taylor Manor. We golfed twice, went out to lunch once (at our clubhouse), and the only time I left the country club walls was to shop for groceries. DT went with me, just to get out of the house. Our life is so exciting.

I have made Jamie Oliver's Spaghetti Carbonara twice now, and want to share his fabulous technique with you all. It is so simple! Of course, I use chopped uncured turkey bacon, sauteed in olive oil, instead of the much tastier pork belly (but the flavor is the "same-ish" when one is aiming to be "Kosher-ish").


Here is Mr. Oliver explaining his recipe:

So easy, but please do not splash all that water all over your stove! Use a ladle. Trust me.

We played golf Friday, but I was able to pull-off a super gourmet meal for Shabbat. Another quick trip to Paris. Duck Confit (using the easy-yet-takes-several-days-planning recipe from Food52 via Carla Nicoletti) is a perfect way to celebrate - anything. Duck fat is readily available these days (ask your butcher), but if you can't find it, use olive oil. Sometimes I used rosemary leaves instead of thyme, mostly because we have so much rosemary in our garden. Whichever. This version never fails. Plan 3-4 days - or up to a week - before serving. The only thing to do just before serving is searing the duck legs. You are gonna want that crispy crunch!

Duck Confit - with frites (air fryer!) and haricot verts

Our wonderful neighbors gifted us a lovely bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne, so we chose this evening to pop that cork. Truly needed after our awful golf round.

Recipe updates on the blog this weekend:
RV Chili has been updated
Caramelized Onion Dip has been updated
New Recipe: My Guacamole

Please let me know of any typos or broken links. I am only one woman.

Until my next update, I remain your "the Ducks lost tonight, so it is very quiet around here" correspondent.