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Grandparent Day

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I were so honored to attend Grandparent (and Special Friends) Day at Leo and Lucile’s school Friday! This event has been on COVID hiatus, so it was finally nice to get behind the school drop-off area, be able to meet their teachers, see their friends again, and have a tour of the campus.

There was first an opening ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance (this is buried deep into my memory bank from my own elementary school days) and then we all sang the Star-Spangled Banner. No fly-over. The Lower School Pom Squad performed a routine, but Our Lucile was not in attendance.

Why, you may ask? Sit down. Refill your coffee cup.

After postponing a “Day in Disneyland” gifted to Lucy for her 8th Birthday in August… finally 17 November was chosen. Lucile was pulled from school to spend the entire day at Disneyland with her mom. Dave and I drove to Los Angeles the same day (Thursday) and brought dinner (lasagna, salad, Colorado Peach Pie, and a loaf of buttermilk bread for Leo) to enjoy with Lenny and Leo, assuming the girls would not be home until late. The boys went to Leo's football practice while I baked the lasagna.

As we were eating our dinner, Lisa phoned with the most distressing news that Lucy was in an ambulance on her way to Children’s Hospital after crashing into a pole in Disneyland! It seems Lisa and Lucy were exiting the Small World attraction when, in the dark, Lucy walked straight into a post/pole erected to divide lines left/right. She hit the post hard at chest level, had the wind knocked out of her, and collapsed in a heap.

If you have ever had the wind knocked-out of you, remember the pain. Oh goodness, this hurts so much. Lucile was so scared! Disney went into over-drive though, and rushed Lucile out in a wheelchair, onto a stretcher, and into an ambulance (with a Minnie Mouse nurse sticker plastered to her jacket!) before Lisa knew what was happening. It's like Disneyland had done this before? Then they had to wait for hours at the hospital to learn Lucy had the wind knocked out of her and she would be fine. What a waste. Ridiculous. It was so late, Lisa and Lucy took an Uber to a nearby hotel and spent the night - her car was stuck overnight in the Disneyland parking lot miles away.

Our Lucy appeared at the Grandparent Day celebration a few hours after it began, but seemed no worse-the-wear. Resilient, this girl. Hopefully they will be able to recoup their ticket costs and be able to return to Disneyland again soon. 8th Birthday 2.0?

Archery? Marshmallows?

After the opening ceremony, students were instructed to remain with their grandparent/special guest the remainder of the morning. The school had so many activities set-up throughout the playing field - trying to keep everything outdoors. There was a fun photo booth, and the kids first decorated a frame for the photo. There was a soap-stone coaster station where the child decorated half of the coaster and their guest decorated the other. We planted seeds in a take-home pot. Archery. A book fair. Plus more activities that we never did reach. Lucile and Leo showed us their classrooms, introduced us to their teachers, and gave us a whirl-wind tour of the school. Some areas were off-limits as the middle and upper school students were actually in class - Grandparent Day is only for the lower school.

Photo booth fun

The whole thing ended with a massive dance party! Lucy's pom-squad teacher/coach had a group of middle/high schoolers lead a dance lesson, ala Saturday Night Fever. It reminded me of a dance party on a cruise ship.

Lucile and Bubba cut a rug

Lucile informed me her Pom coach was super good and super popular, and she also teaches Pom at LSC. I asked her about LSC and Lucy rolled her eyes like I was so out-of-touch. "Bubbe, LSC is a big famous university in Los Angeles." I gave her a funny look, and Lucy said: well, maybe it is USC? Too funny.

At noon, we were able to leave with the grandchildren - they were all excused from afternoon classes. Yes! Leo read the sports book he found at the book fair. Bubba and Lucy played with her Barbie dolls, and later Lucy and I worked on our needlepoint projects together and chatted away while stitching. So much fun, and her stitches are getting so precise. So proud of her!

Leo had a flag football game Saturday morning. We all attended, but it went by so fast, there was no time for Bubbe to snap a photo. Due to the "mercy rule", the game was over at half-time. (Leo's team were ahead by so many points, the scoreless opposing team just goes home at half-time.) Leo's team is undefeated and have already qualified for a play-off berth. Leo was playing center this morning. This boy is FAST! Lisa brought donuts for everyone, so there was a consolation prize.

The kids are off to the east coast for Thanksgiving, so we fled back to the desert while they were all busy packing. The internet is out at our house, so I am dealing with that pesky problem.

Until my next update, hopefully not using my iPad hotspot, I remain, your grandmotherly correspondent.

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  1. Poor Lucille! I fell about a month ago walking our dog, landed hard on my face and chest. The wind was knocked out of me and I can feel for that poor child. I too recovered but not quite as quickly.. I’m so glad it ended happily.

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