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Golf Season Begins

Golf carts ready to roll on opening day

La Quinta, California: Our club golf course was scalped the day after we returned from our RV trip late September. It finally re-opened and Dave and I are finally back on the links several days a week. The first few weeks after opening, it is "cart path only" golf, meaning golf carts must remain on the paved paths - no wandering around the fairways. Not a problem for me, as I walk every time we golf. But without DT being out in the fairway with my clubs in the cart, I have to walk even more steps (15,000 yesterday!) to change clubs. Our course is in magnificent shape. Weather was just perfect. After a bit of rain on Election Day, we were treated to clear skies and views of new snow on the surrounding mountains. Glorious!

Golf, anyone?

Speaking of Election Day: we are in a vote-by-mail state. I receive a text message when my ballot is mailed to me, and another when my ballot is received/counted by our county. Love this! (We could, of course, go to a polling center the week of the election to vote in person... but why?) Since I knew we would want to be glued to the television Tuesday night learning the election results, I made a big platter of appetizers in lieu of dinner:

Baked brie with fig jam (blue pot) and mushroom caps stuffed with Italian chicken sausage and ricotta, along with the usual cocktail nibbles.

But our appetizer "spread" was a pale comparison to one The Lovely Lisa created for a fundraiser she organized last week:

It's a mothers privilege to brag about her children

Speaking of food... I've been having more fun with The Barefoot Contessa's new Go-To-Dinners cookbook. In addition to the chicken dish last week, this week I tried her Balsamic Roasted Baby Peppers. Not 100% sure why this is a recipe, as it only requires roasting (400 degrees,25 minutes, until browned in places) baby sweet peppers in olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh thyme, then drizzling the roasted peppers with balsamic vinegar. They were obviously easy and were really delicious. I was able to incorporated them into our meals several nights - hot or cold.

And remember the lamb meatballs from a past week? I still had nine meatballs in the freezer. One night I stuffed some into acorn squash, and then crumbled the remaining three onto a pizza.

Lamb "meatloaf" baked inside an acorn squash
Shredded mozzarella base, crumbled lamb sausage, kalamata, fresh basil, and feta

Since that all seemed like a lot of meat, one night Potato Tacos were served. This dish is vegan, but no one needs to know. Delish!

Potato Tacos

I am in the process of uploading more recipes and will be sure to include the potato taco recipe. Also coming soon: RV Chili and a Guacamole recipe. Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.

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  1. Invested in the heat pumps…
    One in famy room/ kitchen down stairs and one in master bedroom upstairs.
    These are the 2 areas in our home where we spend our time now thst kids are long gone!! ..No need to use heat or AC in a 2500 sq foot home when it is just the 2 of us. We love the heat pumps!!

  2. Golf course view is spectacular!
    You are so lucky to be able to enjoy that scenery!
    I’m thinking about buying the GoTo Dinner book for myself as I could sure use some new ideas of meals
    Will look forward to new recipes you post
    Have fun on the golf course, my friend!

  3. Watching the election coverage Tuesday night we saw footage of hundreds of people standing in line to vote in Las Vegas. Why would anyone do that??? We vote absentee ballots and when in Montana just drop the ballots in the ballot box at our local courthouse. If we happen to not be in MT during an election, we mail the absentee ballots. California has the right idea! Oh, and I love your potato taco recipe!

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