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Polo Under the Lights

Indio, California: While I am sure My Baby Brother loves me very much and they love coming out to Indio to visit us in The Bubble, Steve and Kris also always drive to Los Angeles to visit Lisa and Lenny every time they come to California. And maybe not exactly Lisa and Lenny. They are devoted to Leo and Lucy. As they should be. So they left us for a few days of City Life with Lisa and her family - attending swim lessons with the kids, delivering/fetching kids from school, ice cream shop stops, long family walks, pizza, helping Lisa with her latest fundraiser, and reading to Lucy and Leo. On their final night in Los Angeles, Lisa and Lenny hired a sitter and the adults went out for a nice Thai meal. Kris and Steve had a blast. They returned to The Bubble Friday evening in time to drive to the Empire Polo Club with us for a rare "Polo Under the Lights" event. There ya' go. Fancy. Cheese, crackers, Marcona almonds, and radishes from the farmers market. We sipped champagne and watched the ponies warm up for the polo match. Dinner was individual bowls of my SW BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad. It held up very well as I did not use an avocado, and placed the just-tossed salad on a bed of lettuce at the last minute. RV Brownies for dessert. La Herradura won the match over Cotterel tonight. We watched the victory ceremony then returned to our campfire in the Motorcoach Country Club. The entire match was one hour long.

Until my next update, I remain, your hatless correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club