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Passover Prep

La Quinta, California: Dave and I are both busy getting ready for the kids to be here for a week or more. Very excited! Dave readied the guest rooms and I readied the fridge. Two different flavors of ice cream, Almond Flour Lemon Raspberries Bars (I used potato starch), and today I made coconut macaroons.

Lots of little one-biters, rolled into balls using wet hands. After baking, the macaroons were placed in the freezer. I have never dipped macaroons in chocolate before, but figured the chocolate would set up faster and be less messy/drippy if the cookies were cold. It worked so well. When every cookie was dunked, they were placed back into the freezer, then carefully packaged for a dessert one night next week.

And not only micro-greens, the tomato plant has set so much fruit and is loaded with blooms.

Soup night meant another jar from the freezer (because the freezer is getting full with ice cream and cookies). A jar of home made tomato soup with this noted (in my handwriting) on the lid: Thin with cream. Now, that's an instruction I can work with... however, I only used a bit of half and half. My sister sent me the Complete Mediterranean Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen, and while leafing through the book, came upon an easy go-with for the soup, Chickpea Cakes. Kinda like a starter for the soup, but hearty enough we would not need a main course.

I made a half recipe, which produced four nice-sized cakes. Dave had his with lemon, I used the remaining tartar sauce on mine. Croutons for the salad. Easy meal. Quiet evening, spent indoors due to cold wind.

A note on the plate (there were comments yesterday). It is a no-longer-produced accent plate for the Lenox Solitaire pattern. Ivory, with platinum trim. (Maybe this pattern is also no longer produced?) Now that our my "fine" china is in the cupboard, instead packed away for special occasions, every night can be special! The china is dishwasher safe, but I hand-wash the accent plates. Each black "dot" is raised, so think it best to be extra careful.

The weather is taking a turn for the better, and the temperatures will be in the 80-90 degree range all next week. The swimming pool heater is ON. Where are my grandchildren?

Until my next update, I remain, your anxious correspondent.

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  1. I make coconut macaroons every time I make key lime pie, four eggs yolks for the pie, four eggs whites for the cookies!! Thought since I complained about my lack of vaccine last time, I would let you know I finally got my appointment!
    Next Friday, yeah ! Give the kids hugs for me !

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