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Garbage Pasta

La Quinta, California: It's come to this, Dear Readers. I am feeding Dave garbage... or that is how I felt while prepping our evening meal. There was a limp zucchini in the veggie bin, along with a quarter of a red bell pepper, and a quarter of a yellow pepper that were looking a bit saggy. What about that cup of Italian Chicken Sausage, and the watery dregs from the bottom of the ricotta carton?


I boiled a cup of (dry) farfalle (butterfly/bowtie-shaped pasta), sautéed the veggies, sautéed the sausage, and tossed it all together in a bowl. The beets delivered this afternoon had absolutely gorgeous perfect leafy tops, so I chopped and sautéed these greens as well. The ricotta was stirred in and everything went into a casserole. Parmesan on top... and hey, let's use up the little bit of garlic breadcrumbs in the freezer before Passover. If today had been Thursday (soup night), I could have put all this stuff in broth and - voila - soup!

Then, I made a composed salad... and opened a bag of potato chips (currently rockin' Kettle Cooked Lays, original flavor) for our cocktail appetizer. I'm only human - and exercised quite a bit this morning.

Everything was really good - and, of course, enough pasta for our lunch tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your waste-not correspondent.

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    1. Sue: The plate is a 9″ accent plate from the Lennox Solitaire pattern… which must be discontinued. We have the ivory (it also comes in white) with platinum trim. We have had this china since 1988-ish. At an outlet mall, about 20 years ago, I found these accent plates for less than $10 each. I think they were seconds, but can’t find fault in any. The black dots are raised, so I hand wash them. The rest of the china is dishwasher safe.

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