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Our Week: 20 January 2020

Indio, California: We've had just a bit of drama since returning from Los Angeles last week - starting with having a rock (or something?) crack our windscreen on our return route on I-10. So scary! Of course, our insurance company sent a service out to our campsite to repair the chip, at no additional cost to us.

By the time we arrived back to Indio - from New Year's Eve, the Rose Bowl, the winter wedding in Oregon, and watching Leo and Lucy for three days - we had been away 11 days. Colleen and Rick had returned from a month-away in Alberta; Mary and Captain Jim had finally returned to the desert for the winter. We started to settle-in to our usual routine, though it was still quite chilly most days last week.

We did have one moment of excitement from Los Angeles. Weeks ago, DT had requested a signed helmet from University of Oregon quarterback, Justin Herbert, for our grandson, Leo. These things can happen, or these things cannot happen. They cannot happen (at all, legally) until Mr. Herbert had finished his college playing days and no longer a student-athlete. Imagine our surprise and delight when we received this video from Lisa and Lenny:

Not only did the amazing (all four years!) Oregon (grew up in Eugene!) quarterback sign the helmet, he personalized it for Leo! If I didn't respect Mr. Herbert enough already... wow... we were so touched.

One happy kid! Leo has completely re-arranged his bedroom to place his new helmet as the primary focus. (This is the kid who sleeps in a Herbert jersey most nights.)


Dave's oldest friend, Mark (high school track teammates), and his wife, Debbie, are returning to the desert for the winters. They have purchased an under-construction home near us and were here choosing tile, granite and carpeting. We were able to see them a few times and played 18 holes at Eagle Falls last week.

We saw a rarity today: clouds floating between Palm Springs and the 9000 ft snow-covered peaks. So pretty.

These two have known each other forever and longer. I just love that they still see each other and keep in touch.

Then things kinda went to shit to hell south. Apparently, I have a problem with my sciatica. Fun Times! First time for me to see a chiropractor. I will report in a few days on my progress, because there WILL BE PROGRESS, people. I am far too busy to have pain in my lower back, tailbone, leg, knee... shall I go on?

And there continues to be issues with this stoopid blog! (This entire post was coded old-school in htlm - like the cavewoman days. Thank goodness I am old enough to know how to code.) I am so sorry that I can't repair the mess myself, and so sorry I haven't yet hired someone to repair the mess the last team made of my transfer to Wordpress.

First World Problems.

Until my next update, I remain, your feeble correspondent.

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  1. Here’s hoping the sciatica goes away soon–it’s no fun and yes, we are too young and far too busy to have that kind of pain!

  2. So sorry about your bout with sciatica. I had a bout several years ago and I still say the pain is worse than the pain of having a baby!! It will take time but you will get through it. Do everything the doctor says. Keep us posted.

    1. I said the same thing – and I gave birth without anesthesia (in a third-world country).

  3. I know a great back surgeon if you ever get to that.
    My orthopedic issues are legendary.

    Living through you two always. Captain Smith I.e. FA/18’s and AA.

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