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Chiropractic Update

Indio, California: I'm probably going to share TMI (Too Much Information) on this post, but this week has been an eye-opening situation into the world of spine-reorganizing.

Last year, while DT was having all his meniscus troubles and surgeries, he was helped so much by the chiropractor down the street. After realizing my leg and tailbone pain was a sciatica issue, I was ready to sign-on (or basically do ANYTHING) to stop the pain in my lower back and leg. As I said to one of My Readers: I gave birth - without anesthesia, in a third-world country, in the 80s - so feel I can relate to pain. THIS pain was on-par with THAT pain. Still, during the day, doing the day-to-day activities, I am fine. It's only during the night - if I move one-quarter-inch in bed - that the pain shoots from my tailbone all the way down to my toes in such agony that I cry.

On my first visit to the Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic, I was examined and the temperature was taken down my spine. Everything our chiropractor friend, Rick, said was going to be an issue, was an issue. My new doctor said he would begin to adjust my spine and get me back in alignment.

I am pretty sure you all heard the POP that screamed (no pain for me) out of my spine when the doc adjusted my lower back. Amazing! The next two nights were easier. I did wake in pain overnight, but it was nothing compared to giving birth the pain the past few nights. I am now icing the lower back 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes and doing stretching exercises.

During my first visit, it was discussed if there was anything that could have caused this sudden pain in my sciatica? I'm thinking no. Then we started talking about our recent visit to Universal Studios... me carrying a huge tote bag filled with water bottles over my shoulder all day... going on all those spine-jolting rides... and it was like a light bulb went off in my head.


At least we now know what triggered the pain, so let's focus on getting rid of the problem.

So here is where the TMI part plays into this entire scenario: My doctor was explaining how my entire pelvis is out of whack... and how one side of me is lower than the other side of me. Could this explain why my right bra strap is constantly falling off?

B I N G O !

Ladies, if this is an issue with you, maybe you do not to adjust your straps, maybe you need to adjust your spine?

Along with stretching exercises, I have been given permission to return to my usual walking exercises. A huge step in my progress. I have been seeing the chiropractor several days a week, walking, icing my tailbone and stretching. Every night, I am sleeping better.

In the middle of this health-mess, we celebrated the Year of the Rat (I cooked beef and chicken though).

We hosted friends and prepared Cumin Beef, Three Cup Chicken (the national dish of Taiwan), sauteed spinach with garlic, Taiwan pickle, steamed rice, and fresh fruits for desserts. I'd love to link all these delicious recipes, but this stoopid blog is still not working. (SORRY! If you need a recipe, just email and I can send it to you until the repairs are made.)

On Sunday, I prepared a basic pizza with turkey pepperoni - and a big salad.

Thank you for reading! What's going on with you? Please comment below.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better Terry! Do you use store bought dough for your pizza and if so what brand–I’m getting lazier!

    1. I’ve tried nearly every brand of pizza dough available – with no happy result. I make it myself. Sunday’s version was 1 3/4 cups flour, 3/4 cup warm water, 1 Tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon yeast and 1 teaspoon Kosher salt. Stirred by hand in a bowl, and left in the fridge until 3 hours before it needs to go in the oven.

  2. Glad you are getting better. Will look forward to you posting the recipes. You always have the very best recipes! Are you working on any needlepoint projects this winter?

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