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Our Rosh Hashanah Table

Tonight begins the ten-day Jewish New Year holiday. Rosh Hashanah is a period of reflection, prayer, setting goals for the next year, paying of debts and asking for forgiveness. The holiest day, Yom Kippur, concludes the holiday - this year beginning at sunset October 7th. Of course, as with nearly every holiday the world-over, there is a whole lot of cooking involved.

We had a small gathering to celebrate the New Year.

For our Rosh Hashanah dinner, we went all-fancy and actually used our dining room. (I had to look around a bit to find the room, but eventually it was located.)

We even used a table cloth, dusted-off the crystal and found the china. It had been months since we had used this room!

My friend, Martha, stopped by and decorated the table. Nah... not really. I just picked up a bunch of rosehips and a few fall-colored flowers at the grocer and splayed them out on the table. It was very pretty!

brisket, fluffy latkes and apple cake. Oops. I forgot, or was too busy, or was drinking champagne... and there are no photos of our dinner. It was delicious. The brisket was super tender. It was a wonderful evening - made even better by the fact we have a dishwasher.I am happy to report, the bathroom demolition is completely finished! The plumber comes tomorrow to move water pipes around.

Until my next update, I remain, your Happy New Year correspondent.