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29 March Catch-up

La Quinta, California: No idea it had so long since posting an update. How does anyone even survive without learning every moment of my daily life? Truth is, I was placed on the Injured Reserve and had a full ten days of no exercise and no golf. (Preparing daily meals was still allowed, dammit.)  I had been in so much pain, when the doctor told me I needed therapy, I was sure he was referring to psychiatric therapy, but he meant physical therapy. What had been assumed to be a pinched nerve (sciatica), has now been diagnosed as Piriformis Syndrome. Not fun times. Time will heal this - and a lot of stretching, rest, heat/ice, and massage. Tylenol. Martinis.

Meanwhile... it was Purim, so I baked Hamantaschen with apricot filling. Even took some to my therapist... and the neighbors... our pool guy... our UPS delivery guy...

We took a stroll through Art on Main Street in Old Town La Quinta on Saturday. Not sure if we have ever purchased a thing at this several-weekends-a-year event, but it was nice to get out... while wearing a mask, of course. We have a bald spot in the center "island" in our courtyard. The palm tree we planted had a twin at one time, but it had been chopped-off years ago - leaving a level platform at the base of the tree - perfect for a garden gnome or statue or birdbath or something. We had not found the perfect something until this silly roadrunner caught our eye at the art fair.

In November 2020, just as the courtyard make-over finished, a roadrunner came through the entry gates like he owned the place, bopped around, checked-out the courtyard, then proceeded to cruise over to the front door and peer through the screen door as if critiquing our décor! I thought this colorful metal roadrunner would look so nice at the base of the palm tree.

But I was wrong. He disappeared. Happily, he looks just fine on the bistro table and perfectly matches the pillows on the chair. Our new little bird is very portable, so he can move around the courtyard anytime.

So while I haven't been doing much (except going to doctor appointments), the grandkids have been enjoying their spring breaks (different schools, different spring breaks). Lisa and Lucile went to New York City for her break. Leo's break is next week, but Lenny took Leo to Universal Studios while Lisa and Lucy were away - and they all went to a farm after Lisa and Lucy returned.

Speaking of farms, little 'maters are already growing on our cherry tomato plants!

More therapy appointments loom, but I have been partially removed from the Injured Reserve and can return to walking - but no golfing yet.

Until my next update, I remain, your limping correspondent.

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  1. Was happy to see your post! I’d been worrying about you and wondering what was happening
    in your life
    Sorry to hear about your pain, hopefully you’re on the mend
    Take care,

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