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November 1

Los Angeles, California: Halloween is over, and the grandkids had to return to school today. I hope teachers get double-time, or triple-time pay to work the day after Halloween.

Dave and I had a lazy morning, then drove to Homestate, one of my favorite hole-in-the wall joints in Los Feliz. Homestate (the state is Texas, by the way) are famous for breakfast tacos, but serve them all day, along with migas and other beloved Tex-Mex favorites.

I finally tried their Frito Pie, served traditionally in the Frito bag, but I dumped it out into the paper bowl for an easier dining experience. It was really good – smothered in brisket, cheese, chopped tomato, pickled red onion and jalapeno slices. DT had their famed migas: scrambled eggs, brisket, cheese, and pico de gallo over tortilla chips.

After our lunch, we went to fetch a few things Lisa requested from the grocer for our dinner. Lisa was serving us Impossible Burgers, generally considered the best of the new “fake beefs” available at grocers and restaurants. Lisa mixed the ground meat substitute with dried herbs and spices, formed them into patties and cooked the burgers in her grill pan. The patties were served with the usual lettuce, tomato, and red onion. I felt the Impossible Burger was really good and very much like beef. I ordered mine cooked through, but if you choose a rarer temperature, your burger will “bleed” beet juice. Very clever.

I am still working on a beef and bechamel lasagna recipe, so I will try the recipe with Impossible Burger for our vegetarians.

We met Lenny and the kids after school at Jeni’s Splendid for ice cream.

Lucy had half-scoops of buttermilk-fruit swirl and chocolate. Leo tried buttermilk and peppermint swirl.

At the Halloween party last night, on the very last day of My Birthmonth, Lisa and Angela gave me birthday gifts. Lisa gave me a candle. Angela gave me a necklace with a martini glass and shaker:

This is 64.

Until my next update, I remain, your November correspondent.


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  1. Glad you had a nice birthday month. I can’t imagine my daughters giving me a candle with that on it. Guess it’s a California thing!

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