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Halloween 2019

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I drove to Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon. I brought dinner – a mac & cheese made with pasta shaped like pumpkins, bats, witches, etc – which was to be garnished (must garnish!) with spiders made from black olives. The whole spider thing didn’t work out (the legs fell over!), but we chowed-down on the pasta, a tomato salad, and an apple tart.

Gramps and I are staying in the casita (in-law apartment, guest house, ADU, whatever) behind the kid’s new house. It has a living area, kitchen with dinette, bathroom, laundry, and a bedroom. Very nice and comfortable for us, not to mention convenient.

We were up with the roosters Thursday to get to Leo and Lucy’s school for the annual Halloween parade.

Lucy (ladybug) and Leo (Black Panther) posed for me before heading off to school. I must say it seemed absolutely freezing and foggy this morning in LA… though someone in Colorado would not agree, as in reality, it was 51°.

The school has a big parade around campus, beginning with the kinders and ending with the 5th graders.

After the parade, different groups are called out to march around the circled kids… Super Heroes, Storybook Characters, Home Made Costumes, Historical Characters, etc., to fun music.

This ladybug was very determined to flash me a “heart” sign.

After the students had their fun, the teachers had their turn showing-off their costumes:

When the parade was over, the kids had to remove their costumes and go back to real life. Lisa, Lenny, DT and I went back to the house and starting prepping for their annual pre-trick-or-treat party. Lenny decorated the front yard with their collection of skeletons and tombstones. Dave, Lisa and I blew-up giant spiders and bats. I made a fruit salad, Lisa ordered gluten-free and vegan sweets (so all of the invited guests could have a treat).

Looks like someone needs to call an exterminator!

Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Black Panther and a Ladybug

Pizza was delivered at 5p, and goblins and princesses of every sort soon arrived to eat before heading-out to beg for candy from the neighbors. Dave, Kevin, Angela and I remained at the house to give candy to trick-or-treaters. It was a very fun night, with an impressive array of clever costumes, polite kids (and parents), and everyone had just a wonderful evening.

I hope your treat bags are filled with sugar and fun! Happy Halloween.

Until my next update, I remain, your sweet correspondent.


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