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L’shanah Tovah: 5781

Saturday | 19 September 2020 | Provence, France La Quinta, California: We would have now been exploring Avignon with Tamra and Steve. The weather is not expected to be that great in France this week, but still... what could have been.

But in Real Life... Dave has ordered all sorts of swim accessories for the grandkids. Snorkels. Swim fins. Paddle boards. Goggles. It's like Amazon shows up every day to our house in a limo - with a butler serving champagne - delivering our packages. (I wish.)

Lucy thinks this is scuba gear. Whatever.

Singing prayers while lighting candles

Friday was the first night of the Jewish new year - Rosh Hashanah. I was - no kidding - in the kitchen all day. After walking three miles, I covered another four miles INSIDE MY HOUSE. I baked a loaf of round braided Challah (with raisins), baked an apple cake, baked a loaf of sandwich bread (because our grandchildren live on bread), trussed a chicken, and prepped a savory potato gratin (maybe the best one in my long history of prepping potato gratins). Lucy trimmed the green beans - with scissors. (Lucy was brilliant, though it did take her a good 45-minutes to trim a pound of beans.) Carrot "coins" were also readied - promising a lucrative 5781.

Roast chicken and vegetables
Apples+honey and potato gratin

Lisa requested a round braided Challah - with raisins, but no cinnamon. Done. It was super pretty and super destroyed by the grandkids.

Our planned evening was completely interrupted with the sad news of Justice Ginsburg passing. Gobsmacked. Not a good way to begin a new year. RBG was mentioned so many times during Rosh Hashanah (via ZOOM) services from Los Angeles this morning. 

Lisa received this puzzle for her birthday a few weeks ago. How appropriate we solved it today.

There was an extra piece in the puzzle box! How odd. A sign?

Happy New Year to All My Readers. May this year be much sweeter than last. (No comment.)

Until my next update, I remain, your mourning correspondent.

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  1. So wonderful you are able to have your family with you. If you have posted your potato gratin recipe before, I am unable to locate it. would you mind posting again? Thank you.

    1. I didn’t use a recipe. Just sliced Yukon Gold potatoes, boiled them for a few moments with two whole cloves of garlic. The potatoes were drained. The garlic was smashed with salt and pepper, then a nice glug of cream, and a large pinch of nutmeg. Everything was tossed together in a large bowl with an ungodly amount of shredded gruyere, placed in a buttered casserole, topped with grated parmesan and baked til browned and bubbly.

  2. I feel your frustration (being kind here) with this last year. I too was devastated with Ruth passing into her next, best life. The extra puzzle piece is to be used to further what Ruth Bader Ginsburg started, in her name. She’s challenging each of us to be “more”. Ps.. I would have loved helping you bake and cook.

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