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Sunday Funday

Sunday | 20 September 2020 | Lyon, France La Quinta, California: We watched the ending of the Tour de France today. If not for the pandemic, this race would have been finished weeks ago. So odd to see the boys racing down the Champs-Élysées with golden leaves on the trees. Wrong. Just wrong.

Today was a homework-free day. No studies. No reading. Only fun. Sunday is also the day Lenny and Lisa watch football in the fall and Lenn makes his famous dip. The NFL team from DC lost. Justin Herbert (University of Oregon quarterback) started in his first game for the Chargers. Herbert ran-in a touchdown, threw for another touchdown, and had 311 yards... but the Chargers still lost. Not a good day for football at our house.

The dip was delicious.

We ordered bird house kits for the grandkids to put together this weekend. Lucy's was from Melissa & Doug. It was ridiculously easy to assemble, and came with paint pots to decorate your creation. 

Dave started the screws in the pre-drilled holes, then Lucy went to work with the screwdriver. Dave finished tightening the screws.

Lucy stripped-down to paint her finished bird house. Photos will be posted (tomorrow?) of her finished project.

Leo's birdhouse kit was quite a bit more complicated. Nails! Nails that came un-nailed when other nails were pounded. A very bad birdhouse kit. (Screws would have been a better scenario.) I think Dave did more work on this birdhouse (just getting the four walls together) than Leo. Now the base it set, so Leo can continue the finish-work to make it his own creation. (It's a three-story condo-type birdhouse.)

Lucy and Leo wanted pizza with only sauce. No cheese.
(Are these children are even related to me?)
I compromised. Half sauce. Half sauce and cheese.

Pizza night! Since the kids were outside in the pool so late this evening, we decided to dine outdoors. Dave was grilling two pizzas outdoors, and s'mores were on the dessert menu. Still, it was just too hot to eat outside. We melted.

Adults enjoyed a pizza with a pesto sauce, grilled artichoke hearts, dry mozzarella and burrata cheese. I also served a tossed salad.

Must make salad.

No. Not a tiki torch. Just Leo cremating his marshmallows. I love this kid. Leo couldn't get enough of Herbert this afternoon. Watched every play. (Completely abandoned the NFL team from DC to watch Herbert.)

Until my next update (hopefully with completed bird house photos), I remain your Sunday correspondent.