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Another Busy Day

Thursday | 17 September 2020 | Monte Carlo La Quinta, California: Pre-Pandemic, we would be meeting Tamra and Steve in Nice this week, spending several days exploring Provence. Think we would be sipping on any rosé? (Well, we are still sipping on rosé, so up-yours COVID.)

Leo has a full school schedule Thursdays, so we didn't see much of him at all today except for lunch (Lucy chose turkey sandwiches - NO CHEESE) and the few times he escaped his classroom for snacks.

If you drink an organic juice box with a straw made from a Red Vine, is it still organic?

Lucy cracks us up all day. Today she handed me a sheet of paper (from our printer), with her name written in 4-inch letters, explaining she would probably one day be famous, so here is my autograph.

Look for this on eBay in the future, okay?

Bubbe was very busy today. After riding my bike when the kids started school at 9a, I came back to bake a peach tart and six burger buns for dinner. Then I made lunch (previously mentioned sandwiches).

After lunch, while Leo was still in class, Lucy and started on a needlepoint kit made especially for kids. For six bucks, I was not expecting much, and it is rather poorly painted, but was so surprised at how quickly Lucy picked-up the technique. She is working with a very straight-forward Continental stitch (back/forth, left/right) as opposed to the more commonly-used Basketweave stitch (up/down, diagonal rows).

I have rarely ever used this stitch, so may have not been the best teacher.

Random: Dave went to the Motorcoach Country Club this afternoon (as is his habit) to check on our motorhome and check our mailbox. As he approached the mail room, he saw another juvenile Broad Winged Hawk perched on a fence. He thinks it was the very same hawk we saw at our pool the other day! How odd. We have never seen this species of hawk in this area before, so maybe it was the very same bird? Mystery! Our two places aren't much more than a mile-or-so apart... as the hawk flies.

Finally, at five o'clock, Leo was finished with his day and the kids hopped in the pool.

We had veggie burgers and Tater Tots for dinner. DT grilled; the tots came in a bag. Easy meal for me.

I haven't commented much on our air quality, as it is soooo much better than elsewhere in Washington, Oregon, and California... but it is still pretty bad. We really are trying to limit outdoor time. My Brother (in Sisters, Oregon) says rain is predicted, so hopefully this will help the disastrous situation. Why can't Mother Nature send some of the rain in the gulf with the fires in the Northwest?

Until my next update, I remain, your baking correspondent.

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  1. My family is water logged in Arkansas and in Montana we can’t be outside the smoke is so horrible. Mother Nature, send rain please!

      1. Thank you. How are you finding the archived recipes? I can’t find a way to search without re-reading all the many years of posts? Is there an archive link that offers a search feature?

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