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Joshua Tree National Park

Indio, California: Steve and Kris wanted to visit Joshua Tree National Park while they were in the area, so we spent the day in the pretty park. We made the complete circle, entering the park via I-10 at the east entrance and spent the entire day exploring, stopping at turnouts, taking short hikes, picnicking and taking photos of each other. Dave drove our old Honda 170 miles today.

I'm going to post a ton of photos with captions - enjoy.

The Cholla Cactus Garden

Cholla buds

Kris, with an Ocotillo - Dead Cholla trunk


Cholla budding


Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock

Joshua Trees

Keys Point

Hazy view to the Coachella Valley today from Keys Point

We had our picnic under "rocks ready to roll"

We love to hike inside Hidden Valley - a natural "corral" with a narrow entrance - once used by cattle rustlers, bank robbers and bad boys of the wild west. Now the canyon is popular with rock climbers, hikers and nature lovers. The photos below were all taken inside the secret rock-walled valley:

We arrived back to our RV just before dark - but in time for a quick golf cart tour of the resort - before dining on Spicy Chinese Beef Pot I had put in the crockpot before we left. Clever. Easy. Delicious.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.

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