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Another Wind Storm + Golf Tires

La Quinta, California: Most days are so "rinse and repeat" they blend together into a boring blob. So when two exciting things happen on the same day? Wow.

Someone stole the tires from our golf cart!

Just kidding! Wouldn't that have been something in this high-crime neighborhood? More believable is our nearly-ten-year-old golf cart (plus, already two years old when we purchased the cart) needed new tires. The company we now use for our golf cart repairs and maintenance, Hernandez Golf Carts, had never heard of the odd tire size on this cart. DT had to google for hours to finally locate/order four tires. (Nothing can ever be simple, right?) The tires arrived the other day, so a crew came out to the house, removed the rims from our cart and took the new tires to their shop to mount them. They returned an hour later and popped the new wheels on the cart.

Back in business.

Early afternoon, my phone began warning of a wind storm. Alexa began telling me of high wind warnings. Around 4p, the wind really began to blow, and by 7p the gusts were up to 50 mph in our area - with power lines downed from Indio to Mecca. Many power outages.


We never lost power, but what a mess! Luckily, we had no serious damage - just downed limbs and leaves and debris and three million bougainvillea flowers in our swimming pool.

Our planned evening of cocktails poolside and grilling outdoors were obviously changed.

I couldn't risk bougainvillea flowers in my martini!

Sliced avocado with black sea salt, grilled ribeye, and roasted asparagus with ground pistachios and parmesan. This was the best steak an Instagram shopper has ever chosen for us. I seared it on the stove, and used my handy-dandy instant-read thermometer. The steak was removed from the cast iron skillet and tented at 120° - medium-rare - which is Dave's preference. I am a medium-plus person (135 degrees before tenting). After the steak rested ten minutes, we enjoyed dinner... and I ate the thinner end. (We only cook one steak for the two of us these days... and we didn't finish even 1/3 of the steak tonight.) The wind howled outside.

Meanwhile, over in Los Angeles, Our Girl made another fabulous "dessert board" for Leo and Lucile to celebrate... or observe... honor... not really sure which word to use here... on the One Year Anniversary of their lock-down. The kids have been so good, with having to do school work on Zoom, not seeing their friends. It's just been a grind, and this was a great way to let the kids know how much their parents appreciate their Pandemic Attitudes.

Who knew Lady Gaga had her own Oreo's?

Until my next update, I remain, your blustery correspondent.