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I Forgot to Blog

La Quinta, California: Oops. We have been so busy since returning from our RV trip, there hasn't been much time for the internet, photo editing/organizing - or blogging. When I start to get emails and text messages asking if everything is okay, it's time to post. No illness. No troubles. We had some weather though.

Chicken Tostada

One exciting development was our return to Tacos Gonzalez. We had not been to our favorite taco shop since the pandemic began. It is a very very very small restaurant, with only a few tables. Now we were confident to make a return... (though we did go at 11a). They have removed a few tables, to allow more "social distance" between patrons. They greeted us like old friends - their usual customers are beginning to return to the desert for the winter. The tostada tasted exactly as I remembered. So happy.

Our first weekend back, we went to Los Angeles to see our grandchildren! Between our long RV trip and their summer camps, a trip to DC, and three weeks surfing in Costa Rica, it had been waaaaay too long since we had seen them.


We bought a national parks-themed jigsaw puzzle for the grandchildren while on our trip, and solved it together. It was more difficult than I thought, but Lucile is just a whiz-bang puzzle-putter-togetherer. We returned to La Quinta, had our Omnicron boosters and annual doctor appointments.

Around 5p on the 6th of October, I was walking through the living area and noticed how clear and beautiful it was outside and decided to serve cocktails on the verandah. After putting on some lipstick, and returning through the living area towards the kitchen, I heard DT freaking-out about what he was seeing out the same view where I had just witnessed tranquility - it was a massive haboob blowing in! So frightening:

Three minutes before - the sky was completely clear!
It took four hours to clean up the sand the next day.

The next weekend (7-9 October), we split-up. Dave rented a car and headed out to St. George, Utah to golf with his pals. They call themselves the Dinosaurs. Because they are old. Honestly, if you can golf every day for 3-4 days in a row, you must be in pretty good shape - no matter your age.

Old maybe, but not extinct

While DT headed to Utah, I drove to Los Angeles to attend Angela's baby shower. Yes, Lisa's great friend (and Maid of Honor) had a baby boy, Sebastian. He was born quite early, but don't tell Bash that. He is doing so well! The shower was scheduled for before his birth, but Lisa and her friends kept the date. Angela's mom flew in from Greece, and so many friends and relatives came from across the country to celebrate the new baby.

Table decor

The brunch was served family style to the 48 guests, with huge platters of delicious foods delivered at regular intervals, while Mom-mosas flowed. Such a fun party - with bingo and a drag queen - and so much fun to celebrate Sebastian with Bryan and Angela.

And here is where I interject with a bit of sad news. Dave returned Thursday (13th) and we were going to drive to Las Vegas the next day. But we did not. You may remember - before this dang pandemic - Jimmy Buffett always played in Las Vegas on my birthday weekend... and my birthday weekend is always a bye-week for the Oregon Duck football team... so there is nothing to distract/excuse My Driver from going to Vegas with me. We have been going to Jimmy for my birthday for more than 20 years. Not this year. Jimmy Buffett, 76 in December, is ill. He was hospitalized and ordered to "rest" through the end of the year. Oh, Dear Reader, you know I am beside myself with worry - especially as there is absolutely zero information (not even rumors) forthcoming concerning his health or condition. On 6 October, Mr. Buffett posted an audio message thanking everyone for their concern and said he is healing up fine. His October show is rescheduled for 11 March, when we plan to be in Las Vegas (anyway) for the Pac-12 Men's basketball tournament. (Remember we used to attend the tournament every year?) Think good thoughts!


As if there isn't enough dust around here due to the haboob, the resort scalps the golf course and all the front gardens this time of year. Mowed down to the dirt nearly, then reseeded and watered like we don't live in a desert during a drought.

One of my birthday flower arrangements

Dave and I celebrated my birthday at home - we had been apart too long. I made lamb meatballs and poached them in a jar of Rao's red sauce, had two martinis, and a cupcake.

Our second weather "event" was a rain storm that blew-in (50 mph) Saturday night. Thank goodness we did not go out of town. Not used to this much rain, and no gutters on eaves, the water flows off roofs like Niagara Falls. Another mess to clean, but never complain about rain in the desert, Terry.

Big storm's comin' soon (Jimmy song line)

We hope to have a quiet week. Ha, you know that will never happen. Until my next update, which I promise will be soon, I remain, your caught-up correspondent.

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    1. Did not use a recipe. One pound ground lamb, salt, pepper, one egg, about 1/2 cup panko, fresh chopped rosemary and parsley. Two cloves grated garlic. No onion. Formed into walnut-sized balls and refrigerated all day. Heated a jar of red sauce and carefully dropped 6 meat balls in the simmering sauce and poached – without moving – for 20 minutes. I froze the rest of the meatballs for another night. (Also froze the left-over sauce.

  1. I’m so glad all is well. I considered emailing you but didn’t. You had done so many posts on your long long LONG trip I figured you needed the break. I now have a new word, Haboob. Goodness but that is frightening looking (I googled it). Does that blow into the house as well or are the windows/doors able to stop it?

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