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Good. Bad. Ugly.

La Quinta, California: Mostly settled in. The bedding, napkins, towels, stray dishes, and anything else has been washed and returned to the RV. Our storage unit has air conditioning, and we were pleasantly surprised to find a relatively cool garage when we returned the few items to our RV. (Hope we will be pleasantly surprised when we receive our first electric bill?)

Over the past few days, I have re-read the blog posts from our trip, making notes as needed, to remember everything that was good, bad, and ugly. Happy to report there was far-more good than bad or ugly... but the ugly was very ugly.

Eugene, 12 August 2022

The Good

  1. We were together.
  2. The lazy hummingbird that would not leave the nest - and had me fretting for a week - finally flew the coop the morning we left on our trip - 8 July.
  3. Even though we broke-down in the middle of nowhere, in the 110° desert, 50 miles from the nearest town - someone showed-up to help us. Tim, a mobile diesel mechanic was our knight in shining armor greasy coveralls.
  4. We met so many interesting people, from so many interesting places, speaking so many interesting languages. (Always keep a bottle of wine and extra wine glasses in your RV.)
  5. The new spice rack worked perfectly. No falling jars. Easy to locate. Easy to use. Happy.
  6. We celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary. Okay, we celebrated it by spelunking, but that is what happens when you marry a geologist.
  7. Meghan (our niece) and John, had a beautiful healthy baby girl, Claire. Ian is now a big brother.
  8. The last moment of the World Championships was a thrill I will never forget: Mondo setting a world record in the pole vault. Goose pimples!
  9. Our RV tech, Brian. Pretty sure he wears an invisible cape... obviously, because I can't see one.
  10. Our entire back patio, verandah, and pool area were given a complete remodel while we were away and we didn't have to hear the jack-hammering, did not have to deal with dust from the construction, and came home to a beautiful new backyard! Magic.
  11. I never had COVID. It's a mystery, living in a motorhome together.
  12. Kyle and Lauren are married!
  13. Spending so much time with so many old friends at the track meet and the wedding weekend (plus Lisa was there), and spending so much time with family in Portland and Sisters. Finally seeing Kris and Steve's new house and wonderful community in Colorado was a highlight - and we were able to meet Rob & Angie's daughter.
  14. While we were off on our adventures (and mis-adventures) our grandchildren were off visiting their grandparents in Washington DC, and off surfing for three weeks in Costa Rica. Living the Life.

The Bad

  1. Devon Allen being DQ'd in the 110m hurdle final. No comment.
  2. Our stoopid entry steps.
  3. Missing the Cody Rodeo TWICE due to bad weather.
  4. Awning refusing to retract. (Brian saved us.)
  5. Our air conditioners were never replaced. Can't find new units.

The Ugly

  1. Breaking down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere on the first day of our trip.
  2. DT had COVID and missed half of the World Championships.
  3. Panhard bar breaking off the chassis. Such a fun time.
  4. DT ripping his arm open on the RV door bolt, requiring 12 stitches.


  1. World Track & Field Championships - first time the meet has been held in America
  2. Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum - McMinnville, Oregon
  3. Can I mention the wonderful wedding again? - Mt. Hood, Oregon
  4. Timberline Lodge - Mt. Hood, Oregon
  5. Idaho Potato Museum - Blackfoot, Idaho
  6. Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center - West Yellowstone, Montana
  7. Buffalo Bill Center of the West - Cody, Wyoming
  8. Wyoming Dinosaur Center - Thermopolis, Wyoming
  9. Sheepherder's Rendezvous - Glenrock, Wyoming
  10. Iron Mountain Hot Springs soak - Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  11. Gondola to the top of Mt. Aspen - Aspen, Colorado
  12. Fort Verde State Park - near Sedona, Arizona
  13. Giants v Serpentines - Phoenix, Arizona (Giants won.)

National Parks & Monuments

  1. Lava Beds National Monument
  2. Yellowstone National Park
  3. Rocky Mountain National Park
  4. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  5. Petroglyph National Monument
  6. Petrified Forest National Park
  7. Montezuma Castle National Monument
  8. Tuzigoot National Monument
  9. Montezuma Well National Park

Best & Worst

BEST CAMPSITE: 3-way tie.
Olde Stone Village in McMinnville, Oregon
Bend/Sisters Garden RV Park east of Sisters, Oregon
Yellowstone Grizzly RV Resort, West Yellowstone, Montana
WORST CAMPSITE: No competition - Browns Town in Bishop, California
Clear Winner: No competition - Ali's huckleberry pie. Sister Ali is the champion.
Honorable Mention: Duck Confit breakfast at Bagali's in Frisco, Colorado
Honorable Mention: Chile Rellano at La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico


82 nights (one of them in a hotel) and only one visit to the ER. (Dave had his stitches removed at his doctor's office Monday morning - and it still looks awful. Will leave a bad scar.) Be careful out there, people. RV door bolts have been known to attack without being provoked. The above lists show there was a lot more good than bad or ugly, and I hope I have not left anything monumental (ha ha) off the list. Trying to think on the positive side: we are home, healthy, and our RV is still running... though I wish it would run away. We downsized our house, now we need to discuss downsizing our RV? The smaller the better - just so it has a washer/dryer.

Thank you all for following-along on this up and down adventure, for all the kind comments left on Ye Olde Blog. Guess where we are going this weekend? Speaking of that, gotta go - I have some bread to bake. Until my next update, from El Lay, I remain, your "it's a wrap" correspondent.

5 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the summary…..traveling in a MH is always a tribuilation but downsizing to a smaller one just makes the problems harder to live with! Just my opinion, having traveled almost 6 months in our 39 ft, MH with similar strandings on the side of the road, etc. Nothing is perfect and being together is the real winner……

    I totally agree about the 3 way tie for best “campground”!

  2. I didn’t see any mention of where you stayed in Phoenix. May be out in Apache Jct or Gold Canyon Ranch. `Or maybe Sun City or Surprise. You mentioned you stayed two nights.

  3. I will keep this to reference for places to go and see in our near future! Great pictures, and stories. So glad I was able to suggest another RV campground in Bishop, lol!

  4. Nice Summary – And given the state of the world, isn’t it nice that most of the issues were “1st world problems” (except DT’s injury of course).

    It was such a thrill to see you-all on the road on your final day! (I hope our honking didn’t cause any concerns about something being wrong with the Magna Perigrinus!)

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