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Date Day

La Quinta, California: Date Day. It's like Date Night, except it occurs during the day. But first, I would like to announce, we are officially decorated for Halloween!

The back reads: 1983

Another announcement! We had the gas furnace in our attic removed, and switched the two 15-year-old air conditions for two heat pumps. We also lost two entire days due to the workers in/out. The new units are much larger/taller than the old, but are super efficient and nearly silent compared to the old rattle-traps, and the lights no longer flicker/dim when the units switch on. The heating/air conditioning company is sending out a carpenter to repair the mess created by removing a furnace through the 3x3 access door in the powder room ceiling. (I did not design this house.)

In with the new

Needlepoint update: I stitched something for myself! It's a small canvas that slips-into the top of a small travel-sized jewel case. No need to send it off to a finisher. Because the canvas is only 6x3 inches (18 mesh - meaning 18 holes to the inch), it doesn't take too long to stitch, and it is a good size to keep in your tote bag to work on while traveling/sitting in waiting rooms. (I'm always working on one thing on a frame/stand at my stitching chair, and have another small project in my purse.) The crane canvas was completed since we have returned from our RV trip. I used Vineyard Silk, with fiber I had on-hand. (PS: Never take-up needlepointing. It is addictive, ridiculously expensive, and it's very difficult to get supplies these days. Wow, sounds like an illegal narcotic.)

This was a fun project!

Enough chitter-chatter - about our date: Weeks ago, we purchased tickets to see Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. The event is held all around the world, in huge indoor spaces. Van Gogh paintings are projected on the interior walls and floors of the buildings - larger than life. This "experience" is being held in a massive permanent tent-like structure at the Polo Fields (home of the Coachella Music Festival, dog shows, and actually polo matches). Our date started with lunch at the Tack Room Tavern - always a fun place with great food. The Van Gogh show was across the street from the tavern. Our tickets were $40 each.

Entering the exhibit

After checking-in (timed ticketing), visitors enter a large room with information printed over Vincent Van Gogh paintings. Some simply told about his life, but many are translations of letters Vincent sent to his brother, Theo. Empty gold frames are strategically placed to herd crowds in the right direction, but DT thought they were for snapping photos of his muse:

This one is titled:
Old lady looking at old paintings

Between the informative area and the main exhibit is a chamber where four Van Gogh paintings seem to slide down the wall and onto the floor. It also gives you a little time for your eyes to adjust to the dark? Also, special points for the directional sign.

This self-portrait "melts" below your feet

The main exhibit is massive - with at least 30 elephant-sized paintings screened on the walls. Upon close inspection - if you watch a painting for a few seconds - an eye will move, an eye will blink, a mouth will move, or smoke will puff from a pipe! Very cool. Art come to life.

Vincent was watching
Vincent Van Gogh, except huge
And then, things get a little strange
It was pretty magical

Beyond Van Gogh was a great experience. We both enjoyed it very much and we were only there 90 minutes. We have visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and are fairly familiar with his work, but this is a completely different way to see Van Gogh. This form of art is popping-up all over, not only is there a "Beyond" show devoted to Monet, there are also inter-active art displays like Meow Wolf. It's a new world out there, peeps. This show is traveling throughout the US and Canada - maybe somewhere you?

Of course, guests are exited through the gift shop. Nothing we needed there. Note cards, prints, puzzles, pencil cases, post cards, mugs, water bottles... ya know... the usual stuff, and prices were high. Crowds were very low at our 1p visit. Some wore masks, but it felt safe enough to pop mine off while DT snapped my photo. There are rest rooms, and a bar was set-up outside for cool drinks (90 degrees here) after your visit.

Until my next update, I remain, your artsy correspondent.

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  1. 💕your needle point jewelry box! Very pretty 😍
    Ron & Sandy enjoyed Van Gogh exhibit when they visited us in March!
    Believe there’s another exhibit coming soon

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