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High Desert Museum

Sunriver, Oregon: My family swears it poured rain all night, but I crashed at 11p and didn’t hear a thing until around eight… the pitter-patter of little feet. Lucy. The grandkids slept-in this morning, tired from all their bike riding, playground time, and bouncy-castle jumping… and another late s’mores session. Grandpa was up earlier, finishing his jog, and by 10a, we were all exercised, breakfasted, and ready to start our day.

The main activity today was exploring the High Desert Museum with my brother, Rick, and his wife, Ali. The museum-slash-zoo features animals native to the area, and has displays explaining the geology, flora, native peoples and ecology of the high desert. Really a great place to bring kids and a fun family destination – just a few minutes south of Bend/north of Sunriver.

On Saturday’s, the museum is hopping with extra activities, so it was a great day to visit. The crowds were large (summer Saturday), but manageable. Admission for adults $17; $12 for kids.

The museum had an old-time band playing in the lobby this morning. Lisa was amazed that so many people in the audience were singing along. Ali and I started singing along as well, (Red River Valley), and Lisa was wondering why we knew the words to this song. I was amazed how Lisa didn’t know the words to the song, as I swear I sing it to Lucy. Bad parenting on my part? I was singing the song to Lucy on the way to the parking lot and she was confused about why there was a French word (adieu) in the song. Lucy is four.

Blame Madeleine?

Red-eared Slider (right)
Porcupine on display
Lucy, down on the farm
Nicest chicken coop in Oregon in 1800?
Homestead cabin
Fun and games on the homestead included stilts and ring toss.

The High Desert Museum have three river otters, aged 9, 7, and 2. The otters were rescued from idiots who thought it would be fun to capture a river otter in the wild and keep it in their bathtub as a pet? Must be fun for at least a few hours right? The otters at the museum had not been raised in the wild, so cannot live in on their own. So sad, but the otters seemed very happy this afternoon, frolicking in their enclosure, swimming, diving, and sliding down the rocks in their creek in the sunshine.

River otter
River otters
My brother, Rick, helping Lucy use a microscope.

After visiting the museum, we all drove into Bend for a late lunch, then we returned to Sunriver. The plan was to go on a bike ride, but only Lisa and Leo ended up going (and returned very quickly) as another thunderstorm moved over the area and dumped more rain (no hail today). The afternoon thunderstorms are turning into a daily weather pattern.

Much later (after allowing Leo and Lucy to finally watch Harry Potter – the first movie), Lisa and Dave made a gourmet dinner. Grilled coho, tossed green salad and spaghetti tossed with olive oil, Parmesan and basil. Delicious.

We are planning an epic bicycle adventure tomorrow. I will bring my camera.

Until my next update, I remain, your High Desert correspondent.

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