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Bicycling in Sunriver

Sunriver, Oregon: There are miles and miles of paved bicycle trails inside this resort, and this morning we rode ten of them with the kids. Leo rode his bike and Lucy rode in the basket behind Lenny. We rode from our rental house, down to Nature Center, along the river to the stables and marina, then back to the lodge, then on to the Village (ice cream break), and finally returned to our cabin.

The weather was absolutely perfect – sunny and warm – so it was a great day for a family ride. With so much to see in Sunriver, there were plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy wildlife, scenery, or to pet the ponies.

Our first stop was at the nature center, where huge swans and their young were in the pond.

On this trip, we have decided to not do a trail ride, because Lucy is still too young (7 is the minimum age) to ride, but no charge to pet the horses.

After visiting the Sunriver Stables, we continued along the river until I stopped at a very beautiful bend in the river and we all posed for photos.

Just a pretty place




Lucy is in there somewhere

Time for ice cream in the Sunriver Village:

After ice cream, Lenny and Leo took a turn at bumper cars:

Lisa and Lenny took the kids to the pool for a while this afternoon. They really enjoyed the new pool situation at Sunriver: a pool, kiddie pool, lazy river, water slides, water slides that require inner tubes, water slides that do not require inner tubes and all other sorts of water activities for kids and families.

Everyone was pretty much starving by the time we were to meet Rick and Ali and their son, Taylor (obviously Lisa’s cousin) and his fiancé, Lexi, for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Sunriver. We all had great meals and then came back to our rental cabin for a s’more-fest, before calling it a night. Lexi received a six-thumbs-up from our family.

Until my next update, I remain, your Tour de France correspondent.

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  1. Terry–I hate to complain because I so enjoy reading your blog but the new font color on the white background is really hard to read. Just my two cents.

    1. Thank you or writing, Janna. You are not the only one complaining. I am still working with the hand-off from the team moving this website to wordpress. Patience. Even I can’t read this light type!

  2. Many of your photos will not show – have others had this problem – just have a blank space.

    1. I think the issue has been repaired on this page. The rental house we had in Sunriver had absolutely the worst wifi. I had no idea if a photo was uploaded or not before the signal was lost. Back to civilization now. Thank you for letting me know, SandyM.

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