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Hanging Around

Junction City, Oregon: Our bus needed to be to the window repair facility by 9 o'clock this morning, so we were up early. (For us.) Then we had an entire day to fill - until 4p - before we could fetch our RV again. A long day, with many stops, so I will begin my daily diary.

First: food! We drove to campus and had breakfast at the Glenwood Cafe (UO campus branch). One of our favorite spots for breakfast, today we were able to snag a table on the pretty back patio (it was 82 degrees in Eugene today!).

Inside this (my) omelet a diner will find hatch chiles, green onion, chicken, cheeses, and olives. Outside: avocado, salsa and sour cream. Could barely eat half.

Dave had a much-smaller scramble with tomatoes, spinach, tomatoes and feta. His choice of sides were a veggie sausage patty... and sourdough toast. A funky little place near campus, but we always have great meals here.

Our next venture was to meet a rep from the track meet to receive our parking pass/hospitality passes (we bought a package). The walk across the beautiful University of Oregon campus was especially gorgeous today! The trees and flowers are in full glory. There are so many people in Eugene for the track meet, and it was fun to talk with parents/possible future-students who taking self-guided tours. (Led tours have been cancelled due to COVID.) We pointed a few people in (hopefully) the right direction. Why do just-graduated high school seniors look SO young?

At the end of this street sits the Administration Building, which holds the University President's office. You may remember this building as the Faber College President's Office in Animal House?

Yep, Animal House was filmed on the campus of The University of Oregon in 1978. (We were living in Eugene in 1978.) Remember the famous scene when John Belushi pops a hard-boiled egg from his mouth in this film? It was filmed in the "Fish Bowl" of the student union cafeteria - far right, curved windows in photo below.

I worked in this building in the 70s - far left windows on top floor - at the student newspaper. No idea if the Oregon Daily Emerald is still housed here, but it was my late-night home-away-from-home for nearly four years. Still friends with my co-workers!

After we received our parking pass, we headed to Premier RV Resorts (randomly named, but not affiliated with the Premier RV Service where our windows are being replaced). We have reservations here while we attend the Olympic Trials. We checked-into our site - pretending we were there, so as to not lose our site for the next ten days. Next, we gassed-up the Jeep, went to Camping World to purchase an extender sewer hose (may be needed for our campsite next week), and then returned to wait for the windows to be installed in our motorhome.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

At four o'clock, three of the four windows had been installed. The fourth window was "curing" and would be ready to install at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Our hope is the window will be installed and we can move to our next campsite and head directly over to Historic Hayward Field for the first day of the 2020 US Olympic Track & Field Trials - basically the entire reason for this trip.

You may find it interesting that the trials are still being called the "2020" trials, when the Olympic Games are obviously being held in 2021? The Olympic Committee are keeping the 2020 name for the games. 2024 is still planned for Paris. It is what it is. We don't care, we just want the athletes to have a safe venue in which to compete.

I can tell you all, 100%, the athletes are going to be very impressed with the new Historic Hayward Field.

Premier RV Service moved our 3-out-of-4-new-windowed motorhome to the back lot of their repair facility (50 amp service; no water, no sewer) at 4p. We will spend the evening here.

The passenger-side window is the last item on our list to be repaired by Premier RV Services.

We are still classing-up the joint with our plastic film and yellow tape.

But what a huge improvement having a driver-side window that is no longer fogged up! My Driver is so happy.

Meanwhile, in SoCal, our kids have moved from the rustic farm to a fancier inn. Lucile and Leo enjoyed an afternoon in the hotel pool, and are luxuriating in a comfy hotel room.

Living their best life!

We miss them so much.

Until my next update, I remain, your "parked very near the railroad tracks" correspondent.

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  1. My great niece and my nephew are coming from North Carolina to tour the campus on Tuesday. She’s only a junior in high school but already has sites on Oregon.Go Ducks

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