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Freedom Day

La Quinta, California: There is a new holiday to celebrate at our house today - Freedom Day. Completely made-up holiday to celebrate we are now two-weeks past our second injection and are as immune as we can be against COVID-19. As lovely as all this sounds, our family are arriving in a few days, so we are still in lock-down... but the moment they return to Los Angeles, (as previously written), I am going to do my own grocery shopping again. I have not been to a grocer since October.

According to the morning paper, there are more doses of vaccine in our county than people to inject, with nearly half of all seniors fully vaccinated. There have been so many time slots not filling up, eligibility has now been opened to many more groups, including anyone over 16 with a disability.

But... back to yesterday. A gorgeous 85° afternoon, so we went golfing. A few photos were snapped on our round. (I'm back to my usual 140 score. Dang.)

This a is a very pretty and very stinky tree. The yellow flowers fall over everything and leave a yellow mess. These trees are everywhere.

Another photo from "below" - American White Pelicans were gracefully soaring above the golf course. At times, we have seen flocks of a hundred or more flying at very high altitudes. They fly in formation, as as they all dip to one side, simultaneously, they all seem to completely disappear for a few seconds! Fascinating.

On earth, we saw a beautiful heron waiting for dinner to swim by on the 4th hole.

My Driver, putting on the 7th hole.

On Freedom Day, I was stuck at home! How ironic. One of us needed to be home as fresh salmon was being delivered by Pure Food Fish Market. (PS: They are offering free shipping right now.) The fish always arrives icy cold, and then I set about portioning-out different cuts, freezing and vacuum-sealing the salmon. And ironing. On Tuesdays I iron the table linens.

Four pounds of wild-caught King Salmon! A thing of beauty. I kept working in the kitchen (as I said, kids are coming for Passover/Spring Break), and didn't get out for my exercise until well after noon. The sky was looking nasty, but I kept on my four-mile course... even when I ran into a whirlwind, and hid behind a tree while receiving a free facial exfoliation from all the blowing sand. Not fun. Just after returning home, the black skies opened-up... well, opened up is a bit of generous description... but a few rain drops did fall. In the desert, you are happy for any bit of moisture.

The stormy weather and winds kept up all evening.

Tonight we enjoyed cambozola (a blend of a gorgonzola and a brie-type cheese), with crackers, cornichons, walnuts, and dried apricot. It is getting so difficult to think of something new for appetizers. I'm resorting to serving a little bowl of potato chips at least once per week. Speaking of cornichons, Maille (my usual brand) now offer cornichons with caramelized onions. Cornichons are very (very very) vinegar-forward, and the caramelized onions really cut the tartness. Try 'em if you can find 'em - they are sold out everywhere.

Dave grilled the salmon, having to face the elements to cook our dinner. Since I do not choose our potatoes, there were several potatoes that needed to be used. A quick gratin was whipped-up (no recipe... blanched potato slices, cream, parmesan, garlic, thyme) and I made a big salad. It was a great meal and we have plenty of salmon for a salmon salad for lunch tomorrow.

Dave pulled the fish from the grill at 140 degrees, tented it under foil for a few moments before serving.

Until my next update, I remain, your free correspondent.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about Maille cornichons with carmelized onions. I agree that the cornichons are very vinegary — is that a word?

  2. I am jealous Terry, I am 64 years 9.5 months but no vaccine for me!
    Guess I am being punished for being healthy. That Salmon looks great !

  3. Amazon has them by the dozen at $81.07 MAILLE, CORNICHONS, CARAMELIZED ONION – Pack of 12

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