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Eugene, Oregon: We made it to Eugene. Woo Hoo - a one hundred mile drive - without incident. Our bus was filled at the Native American truck stop at 7 Feathers to the tune of $600. This means we have spent $1425 on fuel so far... but did not burn much on our only 100 mile trek today, so have basically a full tank for our return trip. DT claims were are getting between 7-8 miles per gallon. Best scenario: if we flew economy from Palm Springs to Eugene it would cost about $700 per person, two flights each way, and at least 6 hours. Plus hotel and meals, rental car, etc. Too much math for me, but we prefer to travel with our own bed.

FORGOT TO MENTION YESTERSAY: Lake Shasta is low, but we have seen the levels lower. One great thing? Mt. Shasta is completely covered in snow, nearly to her base!

After checking-in to our campsite just north of Eugene this afternoon, we left to pick-up our Jeep's parking pass for the meet, and stopped at Les Schwab to have air added to our Jeep tires. They were somehow low (cold weather?). We returned to our RV for old school tacos (hard shells, ground turkey, the last two tomatoes from our garden, shredded lettuce and cheese - so good), and are watching the Los Angeles and California election results on television... and the San Francisco Giants.

We are parked in a site this resort have been placing us in for quite a while now. It is long, and as far from the freeway (I-5) as possible, so less noise. Adjacent to our campsite has been a white tent where the resort holds weekend free pancake feeds and other social events. Now they are replacing the tent with a beautiful covered pavilion with stone-work and granite countertops and a two-sided outdoor fireplace. How nice!

Work-in-progress, but obviously this will be a great addition to this RV resort.

Our site for the track meet:

Until my next update, from Historic Hayward Field, I remain, your Oregon correspondent.

RV PARK: Premier RV Resort - We have a fancy site with a fire pit, picnic table and grill. Will probably not use anything but the table. Who knows. We have a frequent-flyer punch card for this resort and had one free night, so can't really figure-out how much we are paying per night... about $65? A lot of live-ins in the front of the resort. Pool/hot tub, bath houses, laundry, dog walks and dog wash, car wash area. On I-5, exit 199, just north of Eugene. Close to many RV repair and services.

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  1. Whew, that’s a lot of dollars for fuel! Have a batch of your snickerdoodle cookie recipe chilling ready to bake today–that is the best snickerdoodle recipe!!

    1. How does climbing in and out of the bus effect your knee? If it helps, maybe you could write-off part of your expenses as medically recommended by your doctor.

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